Master Orguns has learned of several Flesh Raider bases scattered about Tython. He has instructed you to deal with one located in the Kaleth ruins. Infiltrate the Flesh Raider stronghold inside the Forsaken Den in the upper level of the Kaleth ruins.


  • Infiltrate the Flesh Raider Stronghold
  • Speak to Laotah
  • Recover Laotah's Lightsaber.
  • Scars of the Darkside [BONUS]
    • Defeat Flesh Raider Savage Adepts 0/10
  • Use your Personal Holocom
  • Speak to Ranna Tao'Ven
  • Speak to T7-01
  • Use your personal holocom


XP +2437

Credits Credits (198)

T7 Customization 1 OR T7 Customization 2 OR T7 Customization 3.

Aspiring Knight's Vest

Lightside +50 OR Lightside +100 OR Darkside + 100

[Bonus] Mission Rewards

XP +743