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Template:ArticleBorder Template:MissionInfoBox Dark Temptations is a level 7 mission available to Jedi Knight characters. It is obtained on the planet Tython. This mission is begun by speaking to Jedi Master Relnex.


Master Orgus has learned of several Flesh Raider bases scattered about Tython. He has instructed you to deal with one located in the Kaleth ruins. Infiltrate the Flesh Raider stronghold inside the Forsaken Den in the upper level of the Kaleth ruins.


  • Infiltrate the Flesh Raider Stronghold
  • Speak to Laotah
  • Bonus mission: Galactic Republic Icon class jediknight.png [6] Scars of the Dark Side
  • Recover Laotah's Lightsaber
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Speak to Ranna Tao'Ven
  • Choice: "Confirmed // Master Orgus = not in settlement + not answering holocom"
-1 affection with T7-O1 "I don't trust you, droid."
  • Choice: "If we don't do what we're told, Bengel Morr will kill us all."
Light Side Icon.png +50 "He'll kill you anyway."
Light Side Icon.png +100 "[Force Persuade] Go in peace."
Dark Side Icon.png +50 "I've heard enough. [Attack]"
  • Defeat Scout Chief Moorint
  • Defeat Saylew
  • Defeat Eseni
  • Choice: "He wants us to kill you, too. I... I'm sorry."
Light Side Icon.png +50 "So am I."
Dark Side Icon.png +50 "I'm not. [Attack]"
  • Choice: "It was never in my heart to betray you. Forgive me, please."
Light Side Icon.png +50 "I forgive you, Ranna."
  • Choice: "You're right. Tell me what I should do."
Light Side Icon.png +50 "Turn yourself in."
Light Side Icon.png +50 "I want you gone from Tython."
Dark Side Icon.png +50 "Pay me to forget this."
  • Choice: "Can't you find it in your heart to forgive me?"
Dark Side Icon.png +50 "Run for your life."
Dark Side Icon.png +100 "You earned this. [Hit Ranna.]"
  • Speak to T7
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Choice: "That area is considered highly dangerous. May I inquire why you need this data?"
-1 affection with T7-O1 "Shut up and transmit."


Mission chain

  1. Icon class jediknight.png [1] Attack of the Flesh Raiders
  2. Icon class jediknight.png [5] High-Tech Savages
    • Icon class jediknight.png [3] Low-Tech Methods (Bonus)
  3. Icon class jediknight.png [6] Enemy Force
    • Icon class jediknight.png [4] Guards of the Leader (Bonus)
  4. Icon class jediknight.png [6] The Face of the Enemy
  5. Icon class jediknight.png [7] Dark Temptations
    • Icon class jediknight.png [6] Scars of the Dark Side (Bonus)
  6. Icon class jediknight.png [9] Weapon of the Jedi
    • Icon class jediknight.png [6] Remnants Invasion (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight.png [6] High Heresies (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight.png [7] Forge Ahead (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight.png [8] Putting Your New Weapon to Use (Bonus)
  7. Icon class jediknight.png [9] Seeking Darkness

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