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Darkness, relative Kinetic Combat is the Tank Discipline for Assassins and Shadows. It is one of 3 different Tank Disciplines. The other are Immortal/Defense and Shield Tech/Shield Specialist. This is the only Tank Discipline which wears light armor instead of heavy armor. It requires an active Dark Charge/Combat Technique to use it efficiently and focus' on extreme bursts of survivability through strong defensive abilities like force shroud.

List of Darkness\Kinetic Combat Skills[]

Skill Darkness Skill Kinetic Combat Level Activation
[Dark Ward] [Kinetic Ward] 10 Active
[Torment] [Psychokinesis] 12 Passive
[Electrify] [Bombardment] 16 Passive
Utility Point 17 Passive
[Swelling Shadows] [Elusiveness] 20 Passive
[Blood of Sith] [One with the Force] 24 Passive
Utility Point 25 Passive
[Wither] [Slow Time] 26 Active
[Mounting Darkness] [Force Break] 28 Passive
[Dark Bulwark] [Kinetic Bulwark] 32 Passive
Utility Point 33 Passive
[Energize] [Particle Acceleration] 36 Passive
[Lightning Reflexes] [Double-bladed Saber Tactics] 40 Passive
Utility Point 41 Passive
[Force Pull] [Force Pull] 42 Active
[Harnessed Darkness] [Harnessed Shadows] 44 Passive
[Lightning Recovery] [Rapid Recovery] 48 Passive
Utility Point 49 Passive
[Conspirator's Cloak] [Shadow Wrap] 52 Passive
[Premonition] [Shadowsight] 56 Passive
Utility Point 57 Passive
[Depredating Volts] [Cascading Debris] 58 Active
[Shroud of Darkness] [Mental Fortitude] 60 Passive
[Dark Bastion] [Kinetic Bastion] 64 Passive
Utility Point 65 Passive