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Darth Acina within her chambers on Dromund Kaas

"The Dark Council’s official keeper of all things technological, Darth Acina inherited her post after her predecessor Darth Karrid was killed by Republic forces over Duro. Acina was personally tasked by the Emperor’s Hand with guarding the Arcanum: a vast storehouse of Sith artifacts and devices deemed too powerful to destroy, but too dangerous for anything but research. Acina controls all access to the Arcanum facility, making her someone the rest of the Dark Council continually seeks to impress. None have discovered what garners Darth Acina’s approval–but all agree that to speak with her is always a pleasurable guessing game. After the Emperor’s vanishing, Malgus’s betrayal and the rise of the Dread Masters, Darth Acina retreated into watchful seclusion with her apprentices at the Arcanum facility. This proved to be a tactical error, as one of her apprentices had secretly sworn loyalty to the Dread Masters and later organized an impressive raid of the station and its many dark wonders. Her position within the Dark Council has become precarious, forcing her to scramble out of arrogant isolation and curry favor with others."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Acina was a human female Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the reconstituted Sith Empire's ruling Dark Council during the Second Great Galactic War


Galactic Cold War

Following the death of Darth Hadra during the conflict on Corellia, Darth Acina was chosen to occupy her vacant seat on the Council. 

Apparently, Acina was "hand-picked" by the Emperor to oversee the security of the Empire's near-infinite stockpile of Sith artifacts shortly after her elevation to the Council. 

Unfortunately, Darth Acina would initially appear incapable of performing her task, as the Dread Masters conducted a successful raid on the Arcanum, a space station housing most of the Emperor's relics, and claimed the Seeds of Rage. Following the raid, Acina gathered an Imperial strike force on Dromund Kaas, requesting that they retrieve the Seeds, which had been buried on various planets across the galaxy by one of the Dread Masters' servants, Lord Tagriss. As the Imperials each received an industrial-class GSI subterranean seeker droid, they set out to retrieve four previously-located Seeds.

As the fourth Seed was recovered from Corellia, the Dread Masters once again dispatched Lord Tagriss, accompanied by the Dread Guard, to claim the most substantial of the Arcanum's contents. While the second strike was dealt with, Acina obtained the coordinates of the final Seeds and stationed the Ninth Fleet to defend the Arcanum. 

With all but one Seed collected, Acina's strike force devastated a Dread Guard sanctum on Belsavis, cutting through its commander and slaying Lord Tagriss's apprentice. As the rogue Sith Lord contacted the team via hologram to gloat, Darth Acina managed to trace the broadcast signal to a Jedi Temple on Ilum, which had presumably been corrupted by the final Seed of Rage. 

As Acina's prediction of the temple's corruption was discovered to be correct, the strike force tore through now-crazed Dread Guards and killed Lord Tagriss himself. With all of the Seeds reclaimed and contained, the Imperials returned to Dromund Kaas. However, much to Acina's dismay, the strike team refused to give her the Seeds of Rage, demanding that the Emperor know who truly retrieved his relics. 

Knights of the Fallen Empire

"With the sudden arrival of the Eternal Empire, the galaxy was turned upside down. The Eternal Fleet struck both the Sith Empire and the Republic at once, first targeting their shipyards, then cutting off supply lines. Within months, Dromund Kaas and Coruscant were blockaded. Without Darth Marr's leadership, the Dark Council scrambled to fight back against Arcann's forces and were ultimately defeated. While most council members were killed, others disappeared to unknown corners of the galaxy. When the dust settled, only Darth Acina remained, and she quickly named herself the new Sith Empress. Even facing this new threat, Supreme Chancellor Saresh couldn't let go of her grudge against the Empire. She tried to wage war against both enemies and failed, costing millions of Republic lives. Finally, the Senate overruled Saresh to discuss a peace treaty with Arcann. She is no longer officially the Supreme Chancellor, but continues to rule from the shadows. Both sides are forced to pay tribute to Zakuul and are technically under a cease-fire, but that doesn't stop them from quietly trying to eliminate one another. As long as tributes are paid on time, Arcann allows the fighting to continue."
State of the Galaxy (Codex/Lore)[src]

Knights of the Eternal Throne

"While the rest of the Dark Council fought the Eternal Empire--and each other--Darth Acina was smart enough to step aside and patiently wait for the right moment to make her move. When she saw the opportunity to side with Arcann to ensure the survival of her people, she took it. Similarly, when the rise of the Outlander's Alliance offered her a chance to break free from Zakuul, she acted quickly. Recognizing their common interests, Acina seeks a partnership that will usher in a new era of mutually beneficial coexistence."
―The Wisest of the Sith[src]


  • If Darth Acina converses with Darth Nox (Sith Inquisitor players) during the prologue to the Seed-hunting-quests, she speaks as if she was elevated to the Council before them. However, Nox held seniority over her, as Darth Hadra witnessed Nox's occupation of the late Darth Thanaton's seat. 

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