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Darth Arho
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Darth Arho
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"Described by his followers as a driven man and called a ruthless fanatic by his foes, Darth Arho has come to Ilum for one reason–to crush the Republic. His tenure on the Dark Council has been brief but hawkish, according to SIS reports–he appears to be a successor to the warlike Darth Vengean, whose death resulted in significant internal strife among the Sith. The recent blows struck against the Emperor have only driven Darth Arho to push harder for the Republic’s utter extermination. The other members of the Dark Council have been able to channel Darth Arho’s ruthless, single-minded dedication, wielding him like a weapon, and on Ilum he has proven a capable leader. However, his willingness to casually sacrifice the lives of Imperial soldiers and lesser Sith have become impossible to ignore. If there is anything less than a total, unquestionable victory on Ilum, Darth Arho may face the Dark Council’s wrath."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Arho was a male Human Dark Lord of the Sith and a Dark Councilor of the resurgent Sith Empire. His strong frame, added to his bald head and dark-skin, gave him an intimidating appearance.

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