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Darth Baras
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Gray (later bald)
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Dark brown
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Master Baras
Lord Baras
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Dark Lord of the Sith
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"Entrusted by the Emperor and the Dark Council to oversee the negotiations leading to the Treaty of Coruscant, Darth Baras has long held sway within the highest layers of the Sith Order. His power base of secret spies and well-placed minions stretches across the galaxy, enabling him to orchestrate and manipulate events from the shadows. He is a man of great vision, and it is even said that the Force grants him glimpses of disturbances yet to come. Methodical and calculating, Baras is a true master of the dark arts, and some say the future of the Empire."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Baras was a male human Sith Master, Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the Dark Council, dispatched to Alderaan and tasked with finalizing the Treaty of Coruscant in the days leading up to the end of the Great Galactic War. Following the treaty's signing, he was implicated in a plot to dissolve the very peace he had negotiated; Baras cleared his name and preserved the treaty by helping to defeat the true conspirator, a confrontation that took place in the crystal on the planet Dantooine.

Baras was the mentor of the Sith Warrior, who would ultimately become his undoing.


Darth Baras was tasked with traveling to Alderaan and meeting with ambassadors from the Galactic Republic, in order to finalize a treaty that would bring an end to the Great Galactic War. It was in the early phases of the negations that the Republic delegation received word of the Sacking of Coruscant, an attack on the Republic capital designed to force the acceptance of a treaty favorable to the Sith Empire; the tactic worked as intended, and the Republic agreed to the Empire's demands. Baras returned to Korriban and gave a report of his success to the Dark Council.


Baras at the close of the Great Galactic War.

Shortly after the treaty's acceptance, a series of attacks on both Coruscant and Korriban threatened the newly forged peace. Several individuals were identified as possible sources of these assaults, including Lord Baras. However, Baras' own investigations into the incidents had implicated Darth Angral as the man responsible. The two Sith Lords confronted each other on Korriban, only to realize a third party was pitting them against one another in an effort to undo the treaty.

Baras and Angral traveled to Dantooine to face the individual responsible for the recent assaults. There they were attacked by Jedi Master Dar'Nala and three of her companions, Harron Tavus, Fortris Gall, and the Wookiee Dalborra. The battle was soon joined by Dar'nala's former Padawan, Satele Shan, at which point Baras revealed Dar'nala to be the one responsible for all of the incidents. The Jedi admitted her guilt, only to be killed by Dalborra when she turned on her allies. With Dar'nala's death, Baras called an end to the fighting, and both sides parted ways without further violence.

Cold War Era

Baras was eventually appointed to serve directly under the Dark Council and found potential in a young Sith Warrior on Korriban, who became his apprentice. Baras sent the Warrior on a great deal of missions, the first of which was to discover the identity of Jedi Master Nomen Karr's padawan, which the Warrior succeeded in, dispatching Karr and turning his apprentice to the Warrior's side. Following this, Baras and the Warrior executed Plan Zero to terminate the Republic's top war generals, in order to violate the Treaty of Coruscant and spark a war between the two factions. Baras' ulterior motive for this, however, was to discredit his former master, Darth Vengean, in the eyes of the Dark Council. After the Republic's generals were dead, the Warrior and Baras' other apprentice, Lord Draagh, broke into Vengean's sanctum and struck down the Dark Lord, which allowed Baras to rise into a position on the Dark Council.

In the position he desired, Baras dispatched the Warrior to Quesh, on a mission to stop a Republic strike team that was planning to attack an Imperial base there. However, Baras betrayed the Warrior, by having Lord Draagh detonate explosives on top of the Warrior while he was in a cave, presumably killing him. With the last major threat removed, Baras made a false claim to the Dark Council that he was the Voice of the Emperor, the individual that the Emperor speaks through, in order to gain total dominance over the Council and the Empire itself.

However, Baras' apprentice had survived his betrayal on Quesh, and had convened with a secretive group known as the Emperor's Hand. The Hand appointed the Warrior to be the Emperor's Wrath, the weapon of the Emperor who eradicates the dark ruler's enemies and acts as his enforcer. The Warrior and Hand worked together to thwart Baras' plots, killing his sister, Darth Ekkege, who could have brought many Sith Inquisitors to Baras' side, to start. Baras suspected his "dead" apprentice was behind the blow, and moved quickly to assure the Council that he was the Voice. Baras reassigned Armageddon Battalion, the Empire's finest troops, to Hoth and away from the fight on Corellia, where they were needed more, in hopes that the sole Dark Council member who did not believe he was the Voice of the Emperor, Darth Vowrawn, would lose the fight for Corellia and be killed. The Warrior appeared on Hoth, and persuaded the battalion to return to Corellia and again foiled Baras' plans. But Baras knew that this bait was too tantalizing for the Warrior to resist, and sent Lord Draagh to intercept and kill his former apprentice. However, Draagh underestimated the Warrior, and was defeated by his opponent during a battle in a burning airlock, culminating with Draagh falling into the flames and being consumed by fire and his own agony.

Baras was livid at these events, despite his best efforts to train Draagh with the secrets of the dark side, he had failed. On Voss, the Warrior found the true Voice of the Emperor, who insisted the Warrior kill him so as to safeguard the Emperor, and told the Warrior to stop Baras at all costs. Baras, with one last trick, used one of the Warrior's friends, Captain Malavai Quinn, to betray the Warrior and lure him into a trap. The Warrior, however, defeated Quinn and the war droids he sent, with Quinn pledging to remain faithful to the Warrior from now on. Baras made several attempts on the life of Darth Vowrawn, but all these attempts were thwarted by Baras' former apprentice. Baras retrieved Lord Draagh after his defeat, and nursed him back to health, implanting him with cybernetics and even greater strength in the Force. Baras sent the new and improved Draagh to kill the Warrior again, when his former apprentice tried to free a spirit of the dark s
Darth Baras 2

Darth Baras, encased in his Sith armor.

ide that Baras had been leeching off of for power. However, the Warrior permanently killed Draagh and set the captured spirit free, weakening Baras significantly.

Knowing this was his last chance, Baras made one final plea to the Dark Council that he was the Voice of the Emperor, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Darth Vowrawn and the Warrior. Baras and the Warrior both made their claims, the former claiming to be the Voice of the Emperor, and the latter claiming to be the Emperor's Wrath. Darth Marr called a duel between the two, with the victor having their claim approved by the Council. Baras fought his former apprentice with all his might, but the Warrior struck down Baras and proved his claims to be false. Baras was removed from the Dark Council (either being killed, banished, or imprisoned, depending on the Warrior's choice), and the Warrior was accepted as the Emperor's Wrath, receiving bows from each member of the Council.


  • Darth Baras may have frowned upon all overseers of the Sith Academy, as he administered the trials to the groups of acolytes from which he would select an apprentice. Any attempts to undermine his decisions about acolyte training were met with a swift execution.


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