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"Longtime rival of the technological savant Darth Mekhis, Darth Hadra ascended to her foe’s seat on the Dark Council after a classified SIS operation resulted in Mekhis’s disappearance. So far as the Republic is concerned, Hadra is no improvement–although less experienced than her predecessor, she is more ambitious, more treacherous and a superior combatant. Early in her rise to power, Hadra was the subject of unflattering rumors–proof that even in the Empire, average citizens enjoy gossiping about those in power. Word was that the strikingly attractive Hadra achieved the title of Sith Lord via a romantic relationship with Darth Malgus. Even fellow members of the Sith leadership wondered if such whispers might be true. The accusations are ridiculous, of course. Anyone who becomes a Darth and lasts longer than a month has clearly earned her position through considerable power and sheer force of will. The truth is that Darth Hadra never required seduction to get her way; murder was always more effective."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Hadra was a female Human Dark Lord of the Sith of the resurgent Sith Empire who served as a member of the Dark Council during the Cold War.


It was rumored that Hadra had ascended to her position of Darth by an affair with Darth Malgus, but the rumors were false she had simply murdered her opponents and enemies to achieve her position. A rival of Darth Mekhis, Hadra presided over the Empire's capital world of Dromund Kaas in addition to the Sphere of Technology one of the twelve Spheres of Influence that were each controlled by a member of the Council. Hadra gained her seat on the Dark Council after a Republic Strategic Information Service operation resulted in Mekhis's disappearance. When her forces discovered an ancient Sith shrine near Kaas City, she attempted to claim it as her territory, but Darth Arctis the leader of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge protested her claim and became embroiled in a conflict with Hadra. 

During the Republic bid to retake Corellia, she was stationed into the holdout room but was defeated there. Unlike her fellows, she used a purple double-lightsaber in combat.

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