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"Darth Jadus is reclusive and enigmatic, even among the Sith. He is cold, seething, and brilliant, and of all the members of the Dark Council is the least prone to rage, to laugh, to show any sign of the passions that fuel the dark side. Whatever passion Jadus has, whatever fuels him, only he knows. His humanity has long since been purged. Since his ascension to the council, Jadus has remained removed from the power struggles of his peers, instead concentrating his influence on Imperial Intelligence. Although other Sith control their own spy networks, it is Jadus who oversees the galaxy’s largest espionage organization (albeit primarily through advisers and intermediaries). Jadus’s servants are never Sith; instead, his favored agents are ordinary citizens uplifted to greatness, terrified of their lord but possessed of an almost religious zealotry."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Jadus was an enigmatic Sith Master and a member of the Dark Council. Standing out from his fellow council members, he was least prone to rage, keeping his emotions that fuel the dark side to himself. He was able to keep them hidden from everyone, including the Emperor. He believed, as some other Dark Council members do, that he should be worshiped as a god for his position in the Empire.

Darth Zhorrid, his daughter, was also his only known apprentice.


Jadus's rise from apprenticeship to Darth was relatively quick, and it wasn't long before the Dark Council had need of a new member. Jadus was eventually placed on the Council in control of the Intelligence Sphere of Influence. It was during this time that Jadus encased his face within a mask to hide his features.

Jadus took Imperial Intelligence by the throat immediately after ascending to the Council. Understanding that an agent on Hutta had managed to get Nem'ro the Hutt to ally with the Empire, Jadus recruited the agent for a special Dromund Kaas operation against Keeper's wishes. Jadus oversaw the operation from his flagship, the Dominator, in orbit, while Intelligence dealt with terrorist on-planet. During the midst of the operations, Jadus's flagship was presumed destroyed by the same terrorists, and the head of the organization, The Eagle, led attacks across several worlds in the name of destroying the Empire. In reality, Jadus was leading the Eagle's terrorists, and when the very same agent confronted the Eagle, the terrorist admitted that the Empire had been betrayed by one of its own. The Dominator was eventually discovered in open space, and Jadus was discovered to still be aboard it. He revealed his connection to the terrorists, and asked that the operative join him to help reforge the Empire in his image.

It is unclear as to what happened, but inconclusive reports suggest four different things:

  • The agent joined forces with Jadus.
  • The agent fought Jadus and captured him inside an energy shield with the assistance of Watcher Two.
  • The agent fought and killed Jadus using the ship's hardware.
  • The agent informed Jadus that he was being recorded, thus providing evidence of Jadus's survival, and he realizes killing the agent would be pointless, since his enemies would still be after him throughout the galaxy. He offers the ship and the codes in exchange for his escape, which is accepted.


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