Darth Kallous
was a male Sith Lord who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War


At an unknown point during his life, Kallous trained in the arts of Sith sorcery and eventually was granted the title of Darth

During the Cold War, Darth Thanaton ascended to the Dark Council after the death of Darth Arctis. Darth Kallous was presumably one of Thanaton's favored subordinates.

Once a Kaggath began between Darth Thanaton and the rising Sith Lord Kallig, Darth Kallous had been residing on Corellia for some time. Kallig had thwarted each of his opponent's attempts on his life, and Thanaton summoned an audience of Imperial dignitaries and Sith to one of Corellia's many government plazas. Darth Kallous was one of the many present, and was called upon to kill Kallig. Despite his considerable power, Kallous was defeated in a brief duel.

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