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Darth Lachris
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"A powerful Sith Lord with a despotic temperament, Darth Lachris has never failed in war. Her successes in the Empire’s battles have brought her to Balmorra, where she faces the challenge of putting down a resistance that has remained one step ahead of the military since the fight for the planet began. Darth Lachris is sharp and wary, expecting a scheme behind every action her enemies take. Trained by Dark Council member Darth Marr, she is a warrior at heart with an embittered understanding of political necessity–and a lust for all the galaxy’s bloody pleasures."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Lachris is a female Sith encountered on the planet of Balmorra in Star Wars The Old Republic. She was appointed by the Dark Council to be the Vice President of Balmorra[1]


Darth Lachris is encountered at the Sundari Imperial Outpost on the planet of Balmorra. The former apprentice of Dark Council member Darth Marr, "Darth Lachris" is appointed Governor of Balmorra after executing or removing (depending on dark or light alignment decisions, respectively) her predecessor and tasked with defeating a Republic-backed rebel insurgency.

Imperial Side

Darth Lachris is a character with a romance side story, with most of her dialogues including at least one (flirt) option available to male characters. At the end of her quest line, the player is given the option to kiss her, leading the player to spend some quality time with her. As the player is about to leave the planet another quest is available in the spaceport entrance leading to a bonus series, providing the previous questline was completed.

Republic Side

Unlike on the Empire side, where she can be encountered by each class, Lachris is only encountered by the Jedi Consular. It is revealed that she has the Balmorra President imprisoned. When the Consular and the Balmorra Resistance member Zenith, encounter her, she reveals that even if they do beat her, that it is already too late. The two clash which leads to Lachris's death. But she leaves a lasting effect as despite her death, her revelation
Kladak the Hutt

A friend for Lachris

was true as the torture that she inflicted onto the president has made him a broken man.



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