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Darth Ravage was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith of the Sith Empire and a member of the Dark Council in the Cold War. He detested Darth Thanaton like no other. He was also distrustful of others and was upset when the Council made the Sith Inquisitor a Dark Lord, as well as granting him the place of Darth Thanaton.


When Darth Baras announced himself as the Voice of the Emperor, Ravage was among those who believed. However, Darth Vowrawn, accompanied by Baras' Emperor's Wrath, announced the latter as the Emperor's Wrath, who stated that Baras is deceiving the Dark Council. Ravage saw the supposed Wrath to be insignificant and was willing to aid Baras in destroying the Wrath. However, Darth Marr stated that as it is unclear who truly spoke for the Emperor, the one who lives speaks truth. In the ensuing duel, when it became apparent that Baras was becoming exhausted, he called on the Dark Council for aid, but even Ravage refused to stand in the path of the Wrath.

Sometime later, Darth Thanaton tried petitioning the Council's aid in killing the former apprentice of Darth Zash, the Sith Inquisitor. However, he intervened and stated that Thanaton deserves to die for abandoning the Kaggath on Corellia. Ravage retorted that the Kaggath is merely trivial and murder had no rules. Though Thanaton tried to defend himself, the Council refused to aid him against a Sith Lord whom seemed impossible to kill. When Thanaton was obviously beaten, Darth Mortis snapped his neck with the Force. Ravage expressed his relief that they are rid of Thanaton. Marr countered that Thanaton was a better Sith than he gives credit for. Mortis then offered Kallig, Thanaton's seat, which Ravage voiced opposition to, stating that they can't put a Sith Lord on the Dark Council. Marr advised him to be silent, stating that Kallig has earned it in defeating Thanaton in fair combat.

Ravage, among fellow Dark Councilors Marr and Kallig, was called to Ilum to discuss the betrayal of Darth Malgus. Ravage expressed extreme disdain for Malgus's actions, and was more than satisfied to hear of his defeat, but wished for his death.


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