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Darth Skotia was a male Human cyborg Sith Lord serving under Darth Thanaton during the Cold War.


Darth Skotia was an agent of Darth Thanaton, working under him on Dromund Kaas during the Cold War.

During such time, he encountered the Sith apprentice Zash, earning a volatile hatred for her rather quickly. Believing her ambition would become an obstruction, the cyborg made several efforts to ensure she did not advance in the Empire. Wise to Skotia's actions, Zash earned the favor of the ruling Dark Council, and was granted the title of Sith Lord, in addition to a position as a supervisor to the Sith trials on the academy of Korriban

In the final years of the Cold War, Darth Skotia remained at Lord Zash's throat. Hearing of his subordinate's selection of a former slave as an apprentice, he dispatched his own initiate, Ortosin, to murder the aspiring Inquisitor in order to tarnish Zash's reputation. Unfortunately, the young Sith defeated Ortosin, leading Skotia to take matters into his own hands. 

Moments after Zash's apprentice arrived on Dromund Kaas, Darth Skotia, flanked by his Trandoshan bodyguards, "asked" the apprentice to deliver a message to their master: Skotia was well aware of Zash's intents, and he held the "key" to the accomplishment of such. 

Shortly thereafter, Zash dispatched her apprentice to murder the cyborg Sith Lord while she made an appearance in one of Kaas City's cantinas, ensuring that her ties to Skotia's death would not be traceable. 

As the Inquisitor entered his chambers, Skotia discovered that Zash had made admirable preparations for his demise. Albeit his Trandoshans were dutied to obey the apprentice due to their possession of a tablet their race believed was a gift from their goddess, he easily dispatched them before engaging Zash's apprentice personally. As a brutal confrontation began, the young Sith utilized a device to exploit Skotia's greatest weakness -- his cybernetic enhancements. Fatally wounded, Darth Skotia slowly perished, but he warned the apprentice to beware of Zash, for eventually she would kill them as well. 


  • Darth Skotia is arguably the main antagonist of the Sith Inquisitor's prologue story, and is the major boss of such, being of Champion classification and having over ten thousand HP's. 
  • Skotia's name is similar to the Greek term for darkness. 
  • The main antagonist of the Empire's Nar Shaddaa quest chain, the crime lord Ukabi, shares the same cybernetic armor as Skotia. 

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