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"All Sith have their masters. The one commanding Darth Baras is the Dark Council’s feared military leader, Darth Vengean–a warmonger seeking to reignite conflict with the Republic and finally exterminate the foe that drove the Sith into exile a millennium ago. Vengean was openly outraged when the Treaty of Coruscant was signed into law, criticizing all who supported the peace accord and even quietly disparaging the Emperor. That he survived such insolence is a testament to his power. Darth Vengean and Baras have spent years carrying out deft political manipulations and quiet assassinations in tandem, both against the Republic and within the Empire. Now that their schemes are finally coming to fruition, Vengean’s public speeches are openly bellicose. The final war is coming."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Vengean was a male human Sith Master, Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the Dark Council, who served the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War.


Prior to the Sith Empire's public return to the galaxy, the Sith Lord Darth Baras was apprenticed to Vengean. 

Throughout the Great Galactic War, Darth Vengean, as head of the Sphere of Military Offense, presumably directed the Imperial Military. Like many other Sith, he was utterly disgusted by the passing of the Treaty of Coruscant

A warmonger, Vengean and Baras conducted countless assassinations and manipulations against the Republic, and within the Empire during the Cold War. He tasked his former apprentice to eliminate Karastace Gonn, an Imperial general who had defected to the Republic, in addition to preventing the Empire from conquering fringe systems.

Darth vengean

Darth Vengean, shortly before his death.

Once Gonn was eliminated, Darth Vengean dispatched his personal flagship to Quesh. However, Republic Admiral Monk, employed by Baras as a spy, ambushed the Dark Councilor's vessel. This blunder destroyed Vengean's credibility and dissolved the Treaty of Coruscant. As such, his fellows on the Dark Council called for his head, leading Darth Baras to recall his apprentice, an immensely powerful Sith Warrior, to Dromund Kaas, and orchestrate a strike against Vengean. Baras commanded his apprentice to free Lord Draahg, Vengean's own apprentice, whom had secretly been working under Baras as a spy. Unfortunately, Vengean discovered such and incarcerated him. Once the Warrior released Draahg, the pair worked to breach the inner sanctum of the Dark Lord's compound, where he was channeling his rage. Faced with his opponents, Vengean swore to bleed Draahg once more before turning to the Warrior. He reminded the young Sith that Baras would never have gained such a prestigious reputation if not for the actions of his enforcer. Vengean called Baras a coward, whereas the Warrior and he himself were men of action. Vengean proceeded to duel the Warrior and Draahg, and was defeated. 

Darth Baras would occupy his former master's Dark Council seat shortly thereafter.



  • Vengean's name is likely a reference to the word vengeance. 

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