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Darth Vich was a male Sith Lord.


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Vich attained the position of Sith Lord and Darth at a considerably young age; not long beofre the opening of the Great Galactic War he discovered the planet of Rattatak and cast aside the anti-alien culture of the Sith Empire by uniting and recruiting Rattataki from over a hundred tribes to form his own personal army; the dozens of Force sensitive amongst them became his personal acolytes.

With this private army he made a significant attempt to seize more power within the Empire, which ultimately failed resulting in the execution and enslavement of those who followed him on the orders of the Dark Council.

It is rumoured that a group Vich's acolytes helped the failure of his insurrection by betraying him and subsequently receiving full Sith training is unverified, and unsubstantiated.

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