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Old Zash
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Darth Zash
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Biographical information
3643 BBY (original body)
Deceased (original body)
Alive (possessed body)
Physical description
Human (original body)
Dashade (possessed body)
Skin color(s)
Hair color(s)
Blond (formerly)
Eye color(s)
Yellow (side-effect of the Dark side of the Force)
In-game information
Lord Zash
Chronological and political information
Sith Empire
"Energetic and excitable, Lord Zash has devoted her life to researching the arts of the Sith. An expert in manipulating the dark side of the Force, she eschews the ostentation and pretentiousness common to instructors at the Academy on Korriban. Many students are initially taken aback, both by her appearance and her demeanor. Scholarly–even bookish–she also seems young for one who has risen so high in the Academy’s ranks. Instead of instructing through fear and intimidation, she is quick to offer encouragement or a helping hand to acolytes who show promise. But on Korriban, only the cunning and the strong survive. There is more to Zash than meets the eye, and those who underestimate her rarely live to regret their mistake."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Zash, also known as Lord Zash, simply known as Zash, is a female human Sith Lord of the Sith Empire. She is a Dark side Force-user member of the Sith Order who was trained in the tradition of the Sith Inquisitors under the auspicies of the Sith Empire and it's ruling Dark Council. After years of study in the art of the dark side, Zash rose to prominence in the higher echelons of Sith politics and was eventually promoted to the rank of Sith Lord. Under the moniker of Lord Zash, she delved into research of ancient Sith magic and rituals, and her expertise gained her a position as a supervisor of acolyte training at the Sith Academy on the holy world of Korriban. Although she was an enthusiastic seeker of knowledge and power, the dark side took an extreme toll on her body, decaying her skin and robbing her of her youth. She managed to maintain a Force illusion that hid her decrepit appearance, but the physical effects of such intense usage of the dark side ultimately proved detrimental to her bodily health. In response, she desperately searched for a cure to her terminal sickness, but faced another challenge in the forms of her superiors, Darth Skotia and Darth Thanaton, both of whom detested Zash's apparent lack of deference towards her historical predecessors and the traditions of the Sith Order. Their distrust of her forced Zash to plan for their eventual deaths during her rise to power.

Zash's studies eventually led her to believe that a ritual developed by the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Tulak Hord could save her consciousness by allowing her to transfer it into a new and younger host body. However, before she could complete the process she had to collect artifacts from Hord's reign and select a host body to accept her spirit. She sought to accomplish both tasks by fulfilling a prophetic dream she had experienced in which an apprentice of low birth confronted and overcame the raging spirit of the ancient Lord Aloysius Kallig in the Dark Temple of Dromund Kaas; in doing so, the apprentice would pacify the spirit and be granted the knowledge of Tulak Hord. To ensure that she benefitted from the vision, Zash proceeded to order the Sith Academy's Overseer Harkun to gather a group of Sith hopefuls, all of low origin. After a series of trials, one acolyte - a former slave - managed to retrieve a map that once belonged to Hord and free the ancient Sith Lord's slumbering Dashade assassin, Khem Val. Zash accepted the acolyte as her apprentice in the Inquisitor's arts and brought them to the Imperial capital city on Dromund Kaas. There, Zash used her apprentice to engineer the murder of Darth Skotia - a move that enraged Darth Thanaton but ultimately earned Zash the rank of Dark Lord and the title of Darth.

The apprentice ultimately fulfilled Darth Zash's prophecy within the Dark Temple, proving to the Sith Lord that she had chosen her host body wisely. Zash tasked the young Sith with finding the remainder of Hord's artifacts spread across the galaxy, all while insisting that she was preparing a ritual that was designed to benefit and empower her pupil. While the apprentice hunted down the relics, Zash built up her power base on Dromund Kaas and made preparations for her ultimate transferral into the young Inquisitor's body. When the apprentice completed their task, Zash summoned them back to the Dark Temple, where she planned to reveal her true form and posses her student's body. The plan, which had been years in the making, was ultimately foiled by the apprentice's companion, Khem Val, who attacked Zash during the transfer. Val succeeded in killing Zash's body, but the Dark Lord's spirit entered the Dashade and occupied it as a vessel instead. Although Zash indeed managed to live on, to her great ire she did not have full control over the new body and instead was forced to share it with Val's consciousness. Because the Dashade was bound to her apprentice, Darth Zash was also forced to live in servitude of the young Sith.

The situation was initially highly upsetting for Zash, but during her intermittent control of the Dashade body, she worked to help her apprentice defeat Darth Thanaton, who had decided that the entirety of Zash's power base had to be destroyed. The Dark Lord, imprisoned within her new body, directed her apprentice - now known as the new Lord Kallig - in the accruement and control of the ancient powers of long-dead Sith Lords. Her work and guidance ultimately helped Kallig to kill Thanaton and take his position on the Dark Council as the newly ordained Darth Nox. During her travels with Nox, Zash conducted research into ways she could suppress or eliminate Khem Val's consciousness so that she might gain complete control over the Dashade body. Her studies eventually found that usage of a Rakata mind prison could separate the two minds, allowing one to bind to the body while the other was trapped within the prison. Nox took Val and Zash to find a mind trap on the planet Taris, and only one of the two spirits survived the ritual.


Before the Cold War

The woman that would become Darth Zash studied many ancient rituals and artifacts. After some time, Zash's body was unable to control the powers she learned, causing it to physically age rapidly. Desperately searching for a solution, Zash discovered that the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Tulak Hord created several artifacts which, when used together in a unique ritual, would be able to transfer one's essence to another vessel. The artifacts were unfortunately scattered across the galaxy. Zash could not afford to search for them on her own, less she arouse suspicion from her superior and bitter rival Darth Skotia. Zash ultimately decided on taking an apprentice of her choice, who would retrieve Hord's artifacts and unwittingly become her new body.

Searching for an Apprentice

"Your work so far—in brining back this holocron and now the text from Tulak Hord's tomb - has me intrigued. I am watching your progress eagerly. I have high hopes for you acolyte. Sky high."
―Lord Zash, to the young Kallig[src]
Darth Zash young

Lord Zash during the Cold War.

During the Cold War, Lord Zash tasked Overseer Harkun with finding an apprentice that would fit her desires for her ritual. Harkun strongly favored an apprentice named Ffon Althe, but Zash had no desire to have an apprentice that would be such a deceitful fool. Instead, Zash favored a former slave who had much potential, and was willing to learn.

Zash later met with the Inquisitor and assured them that Harkun's opinion on them did not matter, as he was only a tool to rule out the weak. She later came to the Inquisitor's defense when she confronts Harkun about helping Ffon, and tells both Harkun and the Inquisitor that the map in the tomb could only be found with the help of the Dashade which was in stasis in it. Unknown to Ffon, she told the Inquisitor how to awaken it. Zash knew that the Inquisitor would be successful and knew that Harkun and Ffon lied when they initially took credit for retrieving the map. Disgusted with this behavior, Zash electrocuted Ffon to death and reprimanded Harkun in front of the former slave he despised.

After the events on Korriban, she told the Inquisitor to find passage and meet her in her office on the Sith capital of Dromund Kaas, where they freely discuss their business.

Death of Skotia and Securing the Artifacts

"Lord Zash is becoming too powerful too quickly. Since when has anyone in the history of the Sith committed a murder so brazenly, yet made it appear she was somewhere else the entire time? It's enough to wake the Emperor, I tell you."
―Lord Kirnon[src]

Darth Zash uses Force lightning.

After the Inquisitor arrived on Dromund Kaas, they told Zash that they had encountered Darth Skotia in the spaceport and passed his message that he knew what she was up to. Zash revealed to the Inquisitor that they could not begin their plans unless Skotia was dead, and that she could not be the one to kill him without attracting unwanted attention from the Dark Council. Lord Zash sent the Inquisitor to secure a cyborg prototype disruptor she had ordered to be created, along with a Trandoshan tablet that would turn Skotia's Trandoshan bodyguards against him. When her apprentice succeeded in retrieving the two objects, she told her apprentice to go to Skotia's quarters and kill him, while she went to the local cantina to have an alibi. The Inquisitor defeated Skotia, but his last words foreshadowed Zash's future actions, and warned the Inquisitor that Zash spent years plotting his death and that the inquisitor would face the same.

When the Inquisitor arrived at the cantina to inform Zash of Skotia's death, she received a holocall from Dark Council member Darth Thanaton, Skotia's former superior. Thanaton knew that Zash was somehow responsible for Skotia's death and asked to meet her. After the meeting, she was promoted to the title of Darth, and thus was now known as Darth Zash. While the Inquisitor was across the galaxy, Zash undertook other apprentices, such as Corrin and Kaal, without the Inquisitor's initial notice.

The Ritual

"Ah, we will accomplish so much once I am in command of that wonderful vessel of yours. Just hold still."
―Darth Zash to the Inquisitor — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]
"Listen, apprentice. Various Force rituals have helped me maintain my appearance and some of my vitality. But inevitably, life fades. I'm dying, apprentice. My will, my intellect, my spirit are as lively as ever, but this body is dying."
―Darth Zash — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

After all of Tulak Hord's artifacts were secured, Zash asked her apprentice if they could meet in the Dark Temple, where the ritual would be commenced. However, she denied to reveal to the Inquisitor any details about the ritual, other than that her apprentice "will be more powerful than (her apprentice) can possibly imagine". When the Inquisitor arrived, Zash gave her apprentice the title of Lord and revealed the truth of her condition, and confirmed their suspicions and those of the ancient Sith Lord Aloysius Kallig. She continued to talk sweetly to the Inquisitor while attempting to do the ritual. However, the ritual was interrupted by Khem Val, who out of loyalty to the Inquisitor, interfered, causing Zash to transfer her spirit to his body instead, much to her chagrin. She ranted to the Inquisitor about how her plans, that took years to plan, were ruined and was furious that she now served her old apprentice, due to her being in the body of their Dashade servant. However, she and Khem shared use of the same body, and neither had full control.

Living inside Khem Val

Khem Val

Darth Zash, now living inside Khem Val.

After the ritual and being bound in Khem Val's body, Zash's personality would sometimes emerge to talk to the Inquisitor, now known as Lord Kallig. After hearing that Darth Thanaton wanted to speak to them, Zash warned them to be wary of Thanaton, giving her own experiences as an example. Being bound by a Dashade's oath of loyalty and perhaps her desire to learn, Zash researched about ancient Sith rituals that would help Kallig take control of the powers of the ghosts of Sith Lords. Zash expressed her jealousy at the fact that Kallig had become a Dark Councilor, by the name "Darth Nox," before she did.

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