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"The daughter and sole apprentice of Darth Jadus, Darth Zhorrid has spent much of her adult life away from the eyes of fellow Sith. Often tasked by her father with cryptic missions that took her to the edges of Imperial space, Zhorrid returned to her estates on Dromund Kaas, Begeren and Sernpidal at irregular intervals–there to indulge in every luxury and horror a Sith can imagine until duty ushered her elsewhere. Those who have met Zhorrid at her impromptu celebrations note a level of disconnect between Zhorrid and the world around her–she interprets events and actions in a dangerously eccentric fashion. Zhorrid’s ascension to the Dark Council was a matter of some controversy. Traditionally, a Dark Council member’s apprentice is the first choice to replace that council member upon his death, but Zhorrid’s relative youth and lack of public achievements resulted in arguments behind closed doors. Nonetheless, Zhorrid wields considerable personal power–and she may be the only Sith alive to possess her father’s esoteric secrets."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Darth Zhorrid is a female Dark Lord of the Sith, a member of the Dark Council and the daughter and only apprentice of Darth Jadus.


After Jadus' death at hands of terrorists, Zhorrid takes her place in the Dark Council and oversaw the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence. After her ascension, she called Cipher Nine to meet her at the Sith Academy on Korriban, during which she ordered her bodyguards to kill the Agent. After the guards were killed, Zhorrid revealed that it was a test to see whether or not the Cipher was capable of killing the terrorists and avenging her father. Zhorrid ordered the agent to hunt down the terrorists and bring her any information about her father's killers.

Power hungry and rash, she demanded that the Dark Council give her the respect that was given to Jadus. The other Council members only saw her as an immature Sith, and denied her anything more than the Sphere she had control over. She asked Cipher Nine for frequent reports and assignments that slowed the agent down in Intelligence's efforts to end the terrorist threat, during which she increased her whining in the Council and demanded more power and respect. The Council eventually lashed out at her, but she used the destruction of the Eagle's terror network as power to fuel her own base.

She eventually disbanded Imperial Intelligence due to the interference of the Star Cabal.

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