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Datacrons are an optional element of Star Wars The Old Republic. They are placed throughout the worlds for the players to find, usually in hard to reach places. Although some of these items are hidden from view, spotting other datacrons may be relatively easy, as they give off an extraordinarily bright glow from a distance. Even with these more visible items, though, reaching the datacron will typically entail extra exploration and navigation problem-solving. The true challenge with datacrons ironically, is not usually finding them but actually figuring out how to get to them, especially since some are hidden in elaborate and complex logic puzzles.

As a reward for this exploration ingenuity, if a player successfully reaches and interacts with certain datacrons, one of the player's character stats will be increased -- permanently.[1] The player also gains a Codex entry, usually pertaining to the Infinite Empire[2], the creators of the datacrons, and the history of the galaxy up to the point in which the game takes place.

Some Datacrons required specific events to get, as they give a lot more stats. Here can be seen an example.


There are many different kinds of datacrons, each kind giving a different statistic boost, and each one of these different variations also has a different color to go with it. A datacrons statistic boost can range from +2 to +10, depending on the type and the planet.

There are also datacrons that don't give a statistic boost at all, but in fact give a special item called a Matrix Shard. So far, matrix shards are known to be, but not limited to:

A single matrix shard serves no purpose, but in sets of three they can prove extremely valuable to the player in the form of a Matrix Cube via an assembler.


Both the Empire and the Republic have their own respective Matrix Assembler and Disassembler for players to use.

  • Republic Matrix Assembly - In an any-access phase just inside the Jedi Temple Ruins (-3117,488) on Coruscant.
  • Imperial Matrix Assembly - In an any-access phase near the Dark Temple(-1828,500) on Dromund Kaas.

The Assembler is fairly straightforward. You insert 3 matrix shards in whatever color combination you desire into the 3 slots on the machine, and assemble it into a Matrix Cube.

The Disassembler is slightly less user-friendly, as it requires a power core for each separate use. These power cores can only be obtained from junk vendors on various planets, known vendors that sell a core are:

  • A Jawa on Tatooine, north of Anchorhead near a sandcrawler
  • (for Empire) on Tatooine (626,2782) north of arrival location
  • (Republic) On Taris, in the Tularan Marsh, above and NW of Lytle Outpost at 707, -172.

Matrix Cubes

Matrix Cubes function as relic-type items, and are equipped as a part of the player's gear that grants a passive stat boost. Depending on the color combination, the Matrix Cube will give a different statistic boost and will also vary in level requirement. The level requirement has no relation to the current level of the player assembling the cube, but rather the colors of the three shards. There are four tiers of cubes at levels 15, 24, 32, 50 [3]. Though it's not always the case, usually the more of a single color shard in a cube the higher level it is. Therefore a cube made with Red, Blue, and Yellow, some of the first colors acquirable, you will have a very low-level cube.

SWTOR - How to Assemble & Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic (Republic)

SWTOR - How to Assemble & Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic (Empire)

Here is shown the process of getting a Matrix Cube in-game

Level 15 cubes

Color Combination Statistic Boost
RBY 6 Mastery, and 8 End, 7 Accuracy, 9 Power (confirmed 12/12/2015)
BYG 12 Mastery, 13 End, 4 Defense (confirmed 12/12/2015)
RBG 6 Mastery, 8 End, 9 Power, 7 Crit (confirmed 11/26/2015)

15 Mastery, 11 End, 2 Power (confirmed 12/12/2015)

Level 24 cubes

Color Combination Statistic Boost
RYY 10 Mastery, 13 End, 11 Accuracy, 15 Power (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
BYY 10 Mastery, 16 End, 11 Absorption, 12 Defense (Confirmed 11/17/2015)

10 Mastery, 13 End, 15 Power, 11 Alacrity (Confirmed 12/12/2015)

RBB 25 Mastery, 18 End, 4 Power (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
YBB 19 Mastery, 22 End, 6 Defense (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
GBB 10 Mastery, 13 End, 15 Power, 11 Critical (Confirmed 12/12/2015)

Level 32 cubes

Color Combination Statistic Boost
YRR 27 Mastery, 33 End, 9 Defense (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
BRR 37 Mastery, 26 End, 6 Power (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
GRR 14 Mastery, 19 End, 21 Power, 16 Crit (Confirmed 19/11/2015)
RGG 14 Mastery, 19 End, 21 Power, 16 Alacrity (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
YGG 14 Mastery, 19 End, 16 Accuracy, 21 Power (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
BGG 14 Mastery, 23 End, 16 Absorption, 17 Defense (Confirmed 12/12/2015

Level 50 cubes

Force Users
Color Combination Statistic Boost
YYY 66 Mastery, 78 End, 21 Def (12/02/2015) M7-Y3
GGG 33 Mastery, 45 End, 39 Accuracy, 51 Power (12/02/2015) M7-G0
RRR 86 Mastery, 63 End, 15 Power (12/02/2015) M7-R3
BBB 33 Mastery, 54 End, 39 Absortion 42 Def - (12/11/2015) M7-B3
Tech Users
Color Combination Statistic Boost
YYY 33 Mastery, 54 End, 33 Absorption, 42 Def - (12/03/15) M7-Y3
GGG 33 Mastery, 45 End, 39 Accuracy, 51 Power (Confirmed 12/12/2015)
RRR 33 Mastery, 45 End, 51 Power, 39 Alacrity (Confirmed 12/02/2015 ) M7-R3
BBB 33 Mastery, 45 End, 51 Power, 39 Crit (Confirmed 11/26/2015)

Datacron Stat Gains

Empire Stat Name Republic
40 Endurance 40
40 Willpower 40
40 Aim 40
40 Presence 40
40 Strength 40
40 Cunning 40

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