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Datacrons are ancient fountains of knowledge that grant attribute bonuses or a matrix shard (blue, green, red or yellow) once found.

Total attribute increase (not including attributes from collecting all the Matrix Shards):


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+10 All Stats in Republic fleet[]

Step 1: Obtain items needed to access the datacrons

First item - MGGS in Alderaan

Second item - Red Crystal in Corellia. You need this to open the door to get into the maintenance shaft.

Third item - Blue Crystal in the Republic Fleet. You need this to open the datacron doorway. This part also shows you how to get to the Datacron location in Gav Daragon.

Step 2: Rally your friends. Minimum: 5 people. Slow and frustrating as you will have to rotate positions 1 by 1 if everyone needs the datacrons. Recommended: 8 people. Faster and less frustrating. 1 rotation only if everyone needs the datacrons. Make sure EVERYONE has the 3 items.

Step 3: Get in the maintenance shaft

Step 4: Get across the bridge

Step 5: Position all members (Position Map). Main positions are at A, D, B and E. Point E is the buggiest. Be patient. Just spam the grappling point.

Step 6: Grappling time!


  • +4 Aim
    • 1107, 80
    • Ride the Damaged Lift at 1085, 2 (east of Wardpost Landa, in The Juran Mountains area) to the small island. Lift moves very slow. This is a rather easy Datacron to get to; the hardest part of reaching this Datacron is finding the path that leads to the Damaged Lift which you need to take down to the little island that the Datacron is on. The path is across the bridge at the very start of the "Organa Medical Camp". It can be found at the Coordinates 1161 , 230. Follow the snowy path down to the Damaged Lift which you will need to wait for. Once it arrives you need to jump ontop of it, carefully, and then slowly ride it down to the small island that the Datacron is on below. If you're having trouble making the jump wait until it starts down the wire towards the island and jump onto it diagonally. Once you're over top the island jump off the lift and collect the Datacron reward!

  • +3 Presence
    • -82, -268
    • In The Glarus Valley, ride the Saddled Thranta at -412, -209. This is another extremely easy Datacron to get. In fact all it really requires you to do is ride a Thranta (the big white thing) up to the Datacron. The Thranta that you need to ride can be found around - 406 , -211. Once you right click the Thranta it will fly you up to the Datacron's location. You land next to a Thranta nest, with the Datacron a few feet away.

  • +3 Willpower
    • -2508, -427
    • Located inside the Castle Panteer
    • Go through a crack in the door at (-2489, -370)
    • The datacron is on the 2nd floor.
    • This Datacron is located in Castle Panteer which is located in far western Glarus Valley. If you're having trouble finding it, it is where the final quest of Alderaan takes place. In Castle Panteer there is a small little gap between the door and a wall which you can sneak through to reach the Willpower Datacron. Once you make it through the gap head up the stairs and follow the northern path around the room you come out into. The reason you want to do this is because there is a fallen pillar which blocks off the southern route.

  • +4 Strength
    • 2190, -2019 (on the face of the Lerantha Dam)
    • Negotiate the rocks closest to the datacron (it is a very visible RED).
    • Get to the feature below the outcropping then hop up the ladder. Better to get an MGGS (Medically Guided Grappling System) from a vendor just south of outpost Talarn, over near King's Pass
    • There are two ways for players to reach this Datacron, the first is by buying an item from a vendor for 10,000 credits and the second does not require this item but requires a bit of jumping. This guide is going to cover the second option because it will save you the credits and because if you use the item... You don't even really need a guide. I will however show you where this vendor is located just incase you'd rather take that option (but you are encouraged to buy it now if you want to find all datacrons, i.e. Corellia's Green Matrix Shard datacron, then you can save time to travel to Alderaan for buying this again). Note that if you do go to this vendor to buy the MGGS also buy the Red Detonite Actuator from him, it is required for another Datacron on Alderaan. The Coordinates for this vendor are (1869 , 1091). Whether or not you buy the item let's continue now to the Datacron. This Datacron is located at the Lerantha Dam in the Kaamos Territory which is in far northern Alderaan. To reach Kaamos Territory you need to travel north through the Juran Mountains. Once you reach Kaamos Territory you will need to go far northeast through it until you come across the Lerantha Dam
    • If you have the MGGS then all you need to do is right click the Magnetic Stabilizer above the Datacron. Your MGGS will pull you over to the ledge and you can jump to drop down to the Datacron. E Z as 1 2 3. Jumping is too, all you need to do is run across the rocks a bit off to the side of the Datacron and jump down to the little metal ledge below the Datacron. From here jump up the ladder until you reach the platform with the Datacron and then... *Drum roll* collect it!

  • +3 Endurance
    • 2721, 2496
    • You first have to purchase a Red Detonite Actuator from the vendor at the Tarlarn Outpost (1869, 1091)
    • Enter cave at (2373, 2449)
      • (You will have to go through a group area to get to this cave)
    • Use the Actuator you purchased to blow the wall and expose the datacron.
    • IMPORTANT: In order to retrieve this Datacron you will need to buy the item, Red Detonite Actuator from Lain-Ricie who can be found in southern Juran Mountains. Coordinates:(1869, 1091)
    • This Datacron is located in southern Alderaan in King's Pass. Once you have the Red Detonite Actuator travel far south in King's Pass until you come to a cave entrance. Be warned that this cave is filled with elites, it is going to be a challenge and maybe even impossible if you're not at least level 50.
    • Once you're in the cave go directly east until you come out. Here you will need to arm the bomb via the Blast Pack on the rocks. Once you blast open the wall run through into the room and grab your reward!



  • Presence Datacron (Republic)
    • +4 Presence
    • Located in Gorinth Canyon[729, 2027].
    • Starting from Lower Sundari Outpost in Sundari Flatlands, head west, over the bridge, into Gorinth Canyon.
    • Turn left, toward the Empirial area Crater Base, and find the path heading up the hill behind the communications dish.
    • Move past an OT-12 Pacification Droid, Sith Lord Vardax, and his apprentices, to find the Datacron on a ledge to the right.


  • +2 Aim (Sith)
    • -1017, 1514
    • Located in the Okara Droid Factory in the Markaran Plains area
    • Go to the Assembly Line level of the factory
    • Underneath the 2nd Assembly line, at wp (-1027, 53), there is an opening that leads to the datacron
    • The datacron is sitting on the bottom of the long pipe to your left. You will have to drop down on this pipe (it's a long drop, even longer if you miss. Just know it is inside the heroic area.

  • +2 Cunning (Sith)
    • 1853, 111
    • Located in the Balmorra Arms Factory area under the dock

  • Green Matrix Shard (Sith) - Requires a two player team
    • -505, 1990
    • Located in the Neebray Warehouse on the 2nd level
    • Two security stations need to be activated at same time in order to deactivate force field blocking the entrance to the datacron.

  • +2 Strength (Sith)
    • 727, 2033
    • Located in the bottom right hand corner of the Gorinth Canyon area by Outpost Victory

  • +2 Willpower (Sith)
    • 191, -346
    • Located in the Farnel Research Facility area
    • Will first need to purchase a Lost Code Cylinder from the junk dealer at wp (675, 34)
    • Datacron is located in a locked chest at the wp (191, -346)


1. Willpower +4 X: -504, Y: 770, High Security Section

2. Endurance +4, X: -994,Y: -448, High Security Section/Lost Cavern

3. Presence +4, X: -1912,Y: -476, Maximum Security Section

4. Aim +4, X: -787,Y: -1930, The Tomb

5. Green Matrix Shard, X: -315, Y: -2173, The Tomb


1. Willpower +4, X: 703, Y: 1718, Corellia World Map

2. Strength +4, X: -2754, Y: -2007, Labor Valley/Central Workforce Habitation

3. Blue Matrix Shard, X: -2423, Y: -1063, Labor Valley/Derelict Service Area

4. Cunning +4, X: -2662, Y: -3116, Labor Valley/Manufacturing Power Generation

5. Aim +4, X: 3143, Y: -1793, Government District/Coronet Museums

6. Presence +4, X: 3425, Y: -3210, Government District/Port Pevaria

Obtaining MGGS for the Green Matrix Shard. To get the next datacron, you will need the MGGS. This can be found in Alderaan/King's Pass at coordinates (1180, 1109). This is the same vendor where you bought the Red Detonite Actuator for Endurance+3 in Alderaan.

On the way there, get the Red Crystal for the +10 all stats datacrons in the Imperial fleet.

7. Green Matrix Shard, X: 700, Y: -1890, Axial Park/Deserted Thoroughfare


  • +2 Presence (old galactic market/shipping and receiving docks)
    • 2318, 1072
    • This is by far the easiest Datacron for players to find on Coruscant. It is located right off the very first quest hub you come out to while leveling through Coruscant and it is in such an obvious place that you practically trip over it while questing.

  • +2 Endurance In Black Sun territory (start by climbing barrel at (-3773,133)).
    • -3626, 151
    • Much like the Yellow Matrix Shard, this Datacron requires a lot of jumping from object to object to reach. To get started head to the Black Sun Territory at around the middle of the zone. The first thing you will want to jump on top of are the barrels back in the corner. Then from the barrels to the crate onto more barrels and then onto the side of the dumpster. From here you will want to jump across the small gap to the crate. Also, so you have a good idea of where you're going you can take a look to your east and see the Datacron in the distance. Back to jumping, once you make it across to the crate follow more barrels up, onto the dumpster and then another crate, more barrels and then a large metal thingy. From up here you'll want to traverse the small little pipe and hop up onto the large platform that goes towards the Datacron. Towards the end of this platform you'll see three broken pipes, only one is within jumping distance so obviously that's the one you'll want to be jumping too! Once you land on that pipe follow it down to the large platform and jump up there. Travel a bit down the large platform to the second pipe that was out of reach before, now this time you can easily jump right on down to it, which you will want to do. Once you land on this pipe follow it across to the other platform on the otherside. Once you make it to that platform you will have the most difficult jump so far ahead of you. What you need to do here is jump onto the billboard. Sounds easy but the cache is that there is a few feet missing on the top of the billboard so you need to make it over that onto the slim board. Once you make it to and across the board though you're home free because the Datacron is right there!

  • +2 Mastery In Justicar territory - Shipping Docks (start by climbing storage containers nearby).
    • 1022, 3970
    • To reach this Datacron you will first need to go to the Justicar Territory on Coruscant. From here you'll want to run almost directly west to about the middle of northern Coruscant, coords are 1034, 3980. Once you're here you'll want to scale the boxes directly in front of you up until you reach a pipe on your left. The jump right before was a difficult one. The only way to manage to do it without much trouble was to not stop running once you got on top the crate, jump to the box and then a running jump to the other crate. Make your way up both of the crates here and onto the small pipe that travels along the wall. Now it's the hard part of this Datacron. You'll see three pipes in a row, you'll need to jump to each one in order until you make it on top of the one running over the hallway below. Once you make it onto this pipe you'll want to follow it down to the very large pipe at the end. Once you're on the large pipe you can get a good look at the Datacron across the way! From here on out you really don't have to jump, from the big pipe to the other little pipe below you can simply just walk onto it. Once you're on the small pipe run across it to the ledge that the Datacron is on. Jump up then jump up onto the crate with the Datacron and bam, you're all done!

  • +2 Mastery In the Jedi Temple (start by climbing up the fallen pillar).
    • -3087, 3031
    • The Strength +2 Datacron is located in the Jedi Temple area of Coruscant. Compared to the other Datacrons this one is fairly easy to get to, it just takes a bit of patience and coordination as do the others. First you will need to find the Jedi Temple, once there you'll want to head over to a large fallen pillar which you need to climb. Once up the pillar you'll want to run around the broken rubble heading westward. If you take a look around up top you can see the Datacron already.After you run around the broken rubble you'll end up right near the Datacron. All that's left is a small fall onto the pillar which holds the Datacron and then a quick walk to the Datacron. That's all there is to it!

  • Yellow Matrix Shard - in The Works / Pipeworks Passage
    • 948, 4540
    • In The Works (start by climbing the up-slanted pipe near (1172,4422)it may look like the pipes are too steep but continue to follow the pipes until they end in a solid platform. At one point, you will come to a junction, stay on the left path.
    • Jump up onto the boxes and then the pipe nearby. Run up the pipe and jump to the other pipe right in front of you once you reach the top. After you make the jump follow this pipe down (be careful of the drop) until you reach the intersection. At the intersection you will need to jump to the southern pipe and follow that further down, around the corner and to the next jump. This jump is a big one so watch out, it's easy to fall here and if you do you're going to have to start allllll over again. Once you make it to the other pipe follow it up until you reach a pipe right on top of the pipe you're on. This is the hardest jump in my opinion, try to stick yourself against the wall and jump/run up the pipe in front of you. But be very careful, one mistake and you have to start over! At the top of this pipe is a little hop to the pipe below. This jump is a bit difficult too but only because your camera angle will be wonky up here.
    • TIP: Don't Run off. Follow this small pipe up until you reach a large platform. From here you will be able to see the Datacron! Homestretch! Alright, now is a really annoying jump, mainly because it's the last one. After you make it across the final pipe give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Dromund Kaas[]

Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
856, 644 +2 Strength Dromund Kaas Spaceport In Docking Bay D-61 (southwestern elevator). Jump down onto the steel beams at (872,596,-55). Galactic History 19: The Pius Dea Crusades
-795, 1451 +2 Endurance Lord Grathan's Estate Follow the path located on the northwestern end of the area. Path starts at (-694,1525). Galactic History 20: Chancellor Blotus
-187, 1737 Yellow Matrix Shard The Malignant Bog Path starts at (-37, 1697) in the southern end of the area. Galactic History 18: The Hutt Cataclysms
579, 797 +2 Presence Spaceport Expanse Path starts at (769, 733) at the end of the road that leads southwest from the Dromund Kaas Spaceport. Galactic History 21: The Birth of the Mandalorians
-1219, 211 +2 Cunning Mercenary Landing Site Located in the Mercenary Landing Site heroic area on top of a tall stone. Galactic History 22: The Second Great Schism

A demonstration on how to get these are here:


1. Presence +4 X: 1039, Y: -1243, Terror Brigade Compound

2. Red Matrix Shard X: -738, Y: 1705, Highmount Ridge

  Requires a "Hydro-Thinner" purchasable from the Cantina Vendor for 18,000 credits.

3. Endurance +4 X: 2837, Y: -375, Starship Graveyard/ The Star of Coruscant

4. Cunning +4 X: 3144, Y: 475, Starship Graveyard/ The Star of Coruscant

5. Strength +4 X: -4102, Y: 115. When you arrive at the specified point, you will see a droid holding a datacron in his hand. After defeating the droid, you will pick up the datacron, but it will be discharged. To charge it, go to the Star of Coruscant, which is located in the Starship Graveyard and move to the upper entrance. Near the entrance you will find a device in which you need to put the datacron. Put it there and that's it.


  • +2 Aim
    • -94, 859
    • #01 -95,22
    • Coordinates: X: -96, Y: 861
    • The datacron is located up a small hill that can only be reached if you climb a pipe that is leaning on it. Peek under the tree branches if you're still having difficulty finding it. The Coordinates, which are above will help you find this hill as well as the pipe.

  • Blue Matrix Shard
    • -10, 322:
    • (in the underground sewer: Entrance at -16, 223) (sewer is a Heroic area with level 7ish Silver and Gold Elite's) #03
    • Coordinates: X: -22, Y: 319 This datacron is located in an area called Sewer Maintenance Tunnels. Entrance to this area is at -14, 225. Depending on what level you are at the time you try to get this Datacron you may want to bring a friend. There is a strong elite nearby the Datacron.

  • +2 Presence
    • 650, -107
    • #02 650,13
    • Coordinates: X: 497, Y: -13
    • Located on an island in the far north eastern corner of the map (Eastern Rust Yards). To reach this island you must follow a pipeline that begins on the mainland at 506, -18


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
311,-379 Yellow Matrix Shard
304,-1569 +4 Willpower
103,-78 +4 Endurance
543,543 Red Matrix Shard
924,1076 +4 Aim


  • +2 Endurance
    • 150, 82
    • 154, 5 *just North of shuttle pad* This Datacron is located in the Valley of the Dark Lords next to the shuttle that will take you off of this planet.

  • +2 Willpower
    • 529, 64
    • 530, 163 Easy to find, you can see it glowing as you leave the taxi station in the Lower Wilds. This Datacron is located in the Lower Wilds Area of Korriban. It's just around the corner from the taxi point at the town here, run up the opposite side of the hill to reach it.

  • Red Matrix Shard
    • -42, 382
    • -56, -12 - in Tomb of Tulak Hord *Ruin Atrium* Located near the entrance to the tombs, where Heroic quests are. This Datacron is located inside the Tomb of Tulak Hord. To reach it head on through the entrance area and to the open area before you enter the instances here. It is in this room.

Nar Shaddaa[]

  • +3 Presence (Republic) at Red Light District - Catwalks (via Gauntlet Gang Area)
    • 3341, -3285
    • First take the elevator to the Gauntlet Gang Area; start at 3691, 1343 (at the top of the elevated platform in the south of the map). Jump onto the orange junk from the ledge, until you can reach a brown awning. Run up the awning. From the awning, jump onto a platform leading to an elevator. Ride the elevator up and the Datacron will be in view ahead.

  • +3 Mastery (Republic) at Nikto Sector – Swoop Bike Drag
    • -3360, -3314
    • Start in the northeast corner of the area map. What you want to find here is a stack of crates (at -3304, -3401) at about the same level as an awning. Use the smaller boxes to get up on the containers, jumping from container to container, until you find the brown awning. Jump onto the awning, then look for support cable anchors you can walk up. Run up them, passing a large pipe, and make a running jump to another pipe leading to a sign. Jumping onto the sign can be tricky, but once you’re on it, you only have one large platform to hop to. Get on the wide platform, and you’ll find the Datacron waiting for you at the end.

  • +3 Mastery (Republic) at Shadow Town – Access Tunnels (via Shadow Town - Recondite Cell Blocks)
    • 2157, 3103
    • Next to the path leading into Camp 27, you’ll find some crates at about X: 2304, Y: 3071 on your area map. Jump up the boxes, and get up on the upper level. Once there, run straight forward and turn right when you spot an opening in the mesh fence.
    • Side note: There's a Datacron from the Dark vs. Light event here. This is not the Datacron you're looking for.
    • Ahead you’ll find even more boxes to jump on, leading up onto beams overlooking the plaza below. Continue forward until you reach a beam leading to a pipe in the wall to your left.
    • Jump onto those pipes, then onto a large light (you may want to turn off Sprint). From this light, you’ll find an even bigger light to jump onto. Across from the larger light is a zig-zagging pipe you’ll need to make a running jump onto. On the pipe, follow it right, then hop down to the lower pipe below you. Follow the path, jumping from pipe to pipe, until you reach a ledge. Climb up, follow the path around, and you’ll find an elevator. Take the elevator down to the Access Tunnels, and you’ll have no problem finding the Datacron at the end of the road.

  • +3 Aim (Empire)
    • Corellian Sector
    • To find this Datacron, look for some shelves at X: -3791, Y: -1668 in the Corellian Sector area. Climb up onto the roof, and wait for a floating advertisement projector to pass by the roof. It passes by every 5 minutes and moves REALLY slow. It will come extremely close to the platform so this is an easy jump. Jump onto the projector, and ride it for about five minutes. You should be able to see the platform with the Datacron. Wait for the projector to float by, then drop off onto the platform to collect the Datacron.

  • +3 Strength (Empire)
    • Network Access – Taxi
    • Start at the Taxi Station, and look below you from above for a blue taxi you can’t normally reach on a lit purple-ish platform. Jump down to a pipe, then onto a large ledge below. Make sure to heal yourself, the second jump is going to hurt. From the large ledge, you can easily drop down onto the taxi’s platform, and use it. Use it, the taxi will take you straight to the Datacron.

  • +3 Presence (Empire)
    • Red Light Sector – Catwalks
    • Begin at X: 1595, Y: -2671 and climb the nearby boxes. At the top, you’ll need to jump onto three beams leading you to yet more boxes, and a brown canvas awning. Cross the awning to a platform leading to an elevator, which you can ride up to the catwalks. Exiting the elevator, you can spot the Datacron ahead. Use the pipes hugging the wall to your left, then jump down to the canvas awning leading to the Datacron itself.

  • +3 Mastery (Republic/Empire) at High Security Lockdown – Incinerator Room (via Lower Industrial Sector)
    • 1958, 3288
    • To get to the High Security Lockdown area, go to the Lower Industrial Sector Taxi and exit east to enter the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse. From there, go to the Systech East Elevator (-1672, 2999) which brings you to the High Security Lockdown area.
    • Start your search at around X: 2036, Y: 3386 in the High Security Lockdown area. There’s a ramp nearby, jump up it and run onto the catwalks above. Ahead, you should be able to spot a computer console near a large round door. Run up to the door and use the console to enter the Incinerator Room.
    • The Incinerator Room is small, but you’ll be taking fire damage while you’re there, so come prepared with healing (you won't be able to leave and your companion will not be with you).
    • Run to the console and pick the code 326:3827.
      • After Patch 1.2, you have only ONE try. The correct code in the Incinerator Room is 326:3827. This is exactly the unit number of the maintenance hatch in the garbage room on Death Star.
    • With the correct code selected, the flames will stop and the door will open to reveal the Datacron.
    • Important: Also click the Old Prize Machine to get the Slot Decoder. This is needed for the next Datacron.
    • To leave the area, continue on the path.

  • Yellow Matrix Shard (Republic/Empire) at Network Security District – Maintenance Terrace

    Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron view from a Macrobinoculars

    • 1784, 3091
    • Before you begin, you’ll need a special item, collected while picking up the previous Datacron. Near the Datacron in the Incinerator Room, you’ll find an Old Prize Machine. Use it to collect the Slot Decoder.
    • From where you exit the Incinerator Room (in the High Security Lockdown area), go to the north exit to the Network Security District.
    • Begin your search in the area at the coordinates X: 1710, Y: 3090 where you’ll find the beginnings of a large stack of crates. Jump up these crates until you reach the top, where you’ll want to look for pipes running out from the wall. Get onto the pipes, and follow them until you reach another ledge with crates. Continue up into another small area, where you’ll need to turn left to find the machine. Use the Slot Decoder on the machine to get the Datacron.

A demonstration on how to get these can be found here: (Republic) (Empire)

Ord Mantell[]

Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
779,133 Red Matrix Shard Mannett Point Northern beach. Cross at the bridge and walk up the beach with lvl 6 elite. Galactic History 14: The Fall of Tion
-658,-573 +2 Aim Savrip Island On a ledge in the middle of the island. Glows light-blue. Easy to see from the ground. Galactic History 12: The Birth of the Republic
-975,205 +2 Presence Mount Avilatan Under a ledge near a small pond. Southwest of Volcano Camp. Galactic History 13: The First Great Schism


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
426, -130 +4 Cunning Republic Mining Camp In fenced area, on hill. Galactic History 58: Ulic's Trials
207, 769 +4 Endurance Quesh Imperial Outpost In cave - need two people. Galactic History 59: Aleema's Fate
558, 1422 +4 Strength Three Families War Camp On the south side of the area on a hill. Galactic History 60: The Destruction of Ossus
  • +4 Cunning
    • 426, -130
    • Route 1: Start at the large pipe sticking out of the hill at 715,-298. Jump on the pipe, then onto the wall. Now, carefully move/jump South along the wall. Can be tricky, but not too hard. You will reach another, smaller pipe that you must climb. This is the trickiest part, as you will need to multi-jump to get on top. Keep trying. Beyond this is a short section of ledge, then flat ground. Mount up, and head West, jumping onto a rooftop. Stay near the wall to the left as you drop down the other side. You will take damage, but not much. Follow the fence around to the right until you find a spot where the fence is torn back. There's your entry point. Under the long pipe, around the end of the next pipes, and you're there. Just be careful getting down.
    • Route 2: Start at 174,-163. Pass between the two buildings east, and up the grassy path on the side of the hill ahead. At the top, there is a large building. Turn right, and follow that building around (counter-clockwise). At a fenced area, you will hear and see the Datacron, but not get to it - keep going. Follow the fence until you get to solid wall. This can be tricky, so stay mounted. Locate the last support post of the fence before the solid wall, and jump onto the thin edge on top of it's angled (trapezoid) base. Your target is a set of pipe elbows that curves out of the solid wall, and into the ground between it and the fence. Jump onto the top of the first pipe elbow (keep trying- if you drop in between, you can jump over the base of the second pipe). Keep jumping through. Continue following the fence around, until you find a spot where the fence is torn back. There's your entry point. Under the long pipe, around the end of the next pipes, and you're there. Just be careful getting down.
  • +4 Endurance
    • 207,769
    • Start at cave entrance x,x. Proceed down the tunnel to large room. Have one person stand just outside, by the control panel near the opening, while the other enters. Locate to control panels on pillars in the room. Have the person outside the room activate the panel, This will seal the room with force-fields and start filling the room with harmful gas. The person outside can't get in. The person inside must now activate the two panels in this order: East, West. This will stop the gas and lower the force-field going South. The force-field blocking the person outside the room should drop soon. Head through the South tunnel to find the Datacron at the end.
  • Strength
    • 558, 1422
    • Start at the entrance to the grounds outside Broga's Palace at 516,1701. Proceed West, toward the Imperial Garrison, along the wall. Continue, following the wall North, until you reach a very large tree with two large, flat rocks to your front and right. Go through the gap between them. The short, flat rock to your left is too tall, and you don't need it. Go around it, and jump on the next one. Proceed straight to the grassy part, and up the short hill to spot the Datacron.


  • +2 Mastery
    • -1514, -273 (Republic Resettlement / Municipal Utility District)
    • You have to start at -1368, -210 (near the entrance to the Jedi Counselor story mission) where the 'molding' that runs along the walls meets the ground, keep going till you can drop down on a really big metal cylinder, looks like a big exhaust pipe, run along it the drop of the right side onto a small pipe. You'll drop off that pipe onto some more molding and from there onto some broken flooring. drop through a hole in the flooring into another large metal cylinder and proceed to the end where the datacron is.

  • +2 Mastery at The Tularan Marsh / Derelict Swoop Tracks
    • 1047, 454
    • Start at 1182, 271 and walk up the pipe. Jump down and go left. You will come to a place where you walk onto a wall section. Walk southwest on the wall molding. Jump down to the large, flat surface and proceed southwest. Jump to the next section of flat wall and follow along it until you come to a place where you jump down to a black girder catwalk. Follow that around (be mindful of places where you have to jump across). There is a tricky jump at 876, -184. Move to the far-left corner to jump across. Then stay right. Hop down to the beam. Jump up the next flat surface and go left. Go left around the pillar and there you go.
  • Green Matrix Shard
    • 1059, -175
    • In factory that has opening at 974, 974. Green matrix Shard Datacron is on a shelf above the player. 2 players are required. On the lower level there is a console that needs to be activated. The player to get the datacron stands on top of the "steam device". The other player will activate the console, causing the datacron payer to be popped into the air, and ,hopefully to land on the pipes above. After that, it is a simple matter to navigate and jump to the shelf with the datacron.
  • +2 Mastery at Transport Station 5 (The Tularan Marsh / Verdant Marshes)
    • 1186, -575
    • Start at opening to Transport Station 5 tube (390, 6). Navigate to large, square room on the upper right of the map. From opening get to 1133, -149, northeast of the opening. At the edge of the shelf, you will see a pipe; drop down. Walk to the end then jump to the scaffold. Jump to the next scaffold, run up and there you go.

  • +2 Mastery at Dynamet General Hospital / Emergency Exit (at The Sinking City / Collapsed Medical District)
    • -363, -228
    • Location: Enter Dynamet General Hospital (Research Level) at -444, -355 (below the main hospital building). Follow the corridor until you reach a room with a ramp to the right. Behind the ramp are some crates. Jump over the crates and enter the Emergency Exit. Follow the corridor all the way and you will find the Datacron.

  • +4 Mastery
    • -643, 1606
    • Location: Republic Mines (2nd lvl of Abandoned Pirate Cave), in The Brell Sediment. Entrance at -750, 1170. This one's got hard jumps. Start by the bulldozer/forklift in the same room as the Datacron. Climb up the track near the wall. Climbing on shelves, boxes, and pipes; follow the walls of the room. Jump down for the Datacron.

All of these can be demonstrated here:



1. Cunning+3, X: 2140, Y: -3671, Anchorhead


1. Cunning+3, X:726 Y:3133, Mos Ila


2. Willpower+3, X:1966 Y:-643, Jundland. To get to this datacron, you must find the secret cave entrance on the cliff face behind you if you're facing the datacron from the ground. You will encounter some L28 Elites in the tunnel.

3. Aim+3, X:-621 Y:-24, The Dune Sea

4. Blue Matrix Shard & Strength +3, X:-2391 Y:-1381, The Dune Sea. The Jawa Balloon comes around every 45 minutes. It takes about 25 minutes after boarding the balloon to make it to the datacron, which you will see clearly as you approach. If you fail the jumps, you have to wait all over again at the south platform, which is near the coordinates X:-2338 Y:-8.


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
-34, -102 +2 Endurance Tythos River Valley Start SE of Forward Camp Speeder by jumping down to river (-25, -30). Go into cave under mountain. Codex/Galactic History 09: The Force Wars.
-641, -71 +2 Mastery Upper Kaleth Start up fallen column at (-649, 4). Codex/Galactic History 10: The Tion Cluster.
-91, 920 Blue Matrix Shard The Forge Behind the ruined wall to the right of the elite Grand Chieftain Keshk. He stands in front of the arch exiting the ruins. Codex/Galactic History 11: The Tionese Face the Hutt Empire.


  • +4 Willpower
    • Path Start Cursor -614, 284 Player -615, -19
    • Platforming Start Cursor -441, 190 Player -443, 85

  • +4 Endurance
    • Shrine of Healing Lower Level in the Northwest of the Old Paths

  • +4 Strength
    • Starting Point Cursor 382, 1906 Player 376, 190
    • Tunnel Entrance Cursor 586, 1927 Player 580, 210

  • +4 Presence
    • Meditation Tablet Cursor 1997, -945 Player 1997, 25

  • +4 Mastery
    • 725, 373
    • Boneyard
    • Retrieve the shield codes from a fallen trooper near a republic walker near the elevator.

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