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Datacron Locations list the known locations of Datacrons within the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" MMORPG.

Note: With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire Aim, Cunning, Strength, and Willpower have all been replaced with Mastery.


The locations of the Datacrons are sorted by faction, and then by Planets.



There are three Datacrons on Tython, which is the starting planet for Jedi characters. Troopers and Smugglers can visit this planet by flying via their personal starship or by going through the Republic Fleet dock.


Datacron Locations - Tython - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Tython

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:-32, Y:-100, Z:-35)
    • Reward: +2 Endurance.
    • To get to it, jump down into the body of water directly south of this location - on English maps, it will be just south of the “F” in “Flesh Raider Territory”. Jump into the water and follow it north. There, you will find a cave (X: -29 Y: 14 Z:-30). This is a large cave and not very hidden. This cave will lead you through a short passageway and at the end you will find the first Datacron on Tython.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 09: The Force Wars
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:-643, Y:-70, Z:35)
    • Reward: +2 Willpower.
    • To get this particular Datacron, work your way to the far northwest end of the Jedi Ruins (Ruins of Kaleth). Climb to the highest level. There, you will a notice huge fallen column which you can run along (X: -650 Y: 49 Z: 4). There is no mistaking it as the column is huge and there is not another like it in the entire ruins. Once you climb this, you will end up on a grassy cliff overlooking the ruins a bit south of the Datacron’s location. Once you reach the top, you will see the Datacron in the distance off to the North.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 10: The Tion Cluster
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:-90, Y:920 , Z:93)
    • Reward: Blue Matrix Shard
    • To get to the final Datacron on Tython, head down towards the Forge. Once you enter the open area (marked as The Forge Remnants), open up your map. Go to the point where the two roads converge, and then head directly west. You will notice a few Flesh Raiders standing around in what looks like a dead-end. There, you will notice a small opening in the wall that leads to a hidden grassy area. Follow this path south and then back east until you reach the Datacron location. You will know you are in the right spot as soon as you see the hidden entrance – keep going until you get to the end of this hidden area and you will see a strong Flesh Raider War Leader worshipping and guarding the final Datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 11: The Tionese face the Hutt Empire.

Ord Mantell

There are three datacrons on Ord Mantell, which is the starting planet for the Trooper and Smuggler characters. Jedi can visit via their starship or through the shuttle at the Republic Fleet.


Datacron Locations - Ord Mantell - Game Cannon

Datacron Locations - Ord Mantell

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:779, Y:132, Z:7)
    • Reward: Red Matrix Shard
    • It is sitting in a small hole on the beach guarded by a low-level elite, Captain Ethan Remak. If you are starting on this planet, consider waiting until you finish up your final quest here before taking on this NPC. Once you reach level 10 all classes should be able to handle it without a problem.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 14: The Fall of Tion
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:-656, Y:-550, Z:573)(approximate)
    • Reward: +2 Aim
    • This one is right at the peak of the mountain on Savrip Island (Heroic Area). Easiest way is to start at the crashed ship, following the dead grass and jumping your way up.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 12: The Birth of the Republic


There are five datacron located on the Republic capital of Coruscant. As this is the Republic capital city, for now these Datacrons are only available to Republic players.


Datacron Locations - Coruscant - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Coruscant

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X: 2318, Y:1050, Z:472)
    • Reward: +2 Presence
    • Located in the Old Market district, it is right in the open at the location noted. It is guarded by a level 11 elite, who while only has 3k HP, does quite a bit of damage and has guards. Be careful.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 08: Hyperspace Cannons
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:-3626, Y:150, Z:-1293)
    • Reward: +2 Endurance
    • This Datacron is located in the Black Sun territory. The first step is to climb up on the massive structure of boxes at (X:-3773, Y:132, Z:-1306). Keep climbing these – there are barrels specifically there for you to climb on. Once you reach the top, you will be able to get to the ledge and you will be on a platform overlooking the ground. Follow this until you get to the broken pipes. Jump onto the first broken pipe, and run across to the other ledge. From there, notice that you can look down and see a pipe to jump onto which will take you back to the other side. Jump on that and run across to the ledge. From there, follow the path until you get to the edge, and jump down on top of the sign which will take you over to the final platform. Jump off the sign (needs to be a running jump) and you will get the 2nd datacron. If you cannot figure it out, check back soon for the video.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 04: King Adas
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:1021, Y:3967, Z:-1036)
    • Reward: +2 Cunning
    • Located in the Justicar Territory. Start climbing up on the nearby boxes. At the top, you will see a pipe you can run across which you can take to the Datacron. TIP: disable sprint if you keep missing the jump. Or use the tiny ledges where the pipes connect to the wall, since there's less space between them.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 05: Rise of the Infinite Empire
  • Datacron 4: Located at  (X:949, Y:4540, Z:-2262)
  • Datacron 5: Located at (X:-3088, Y:3031, Z:538)
    • Reward: +2 Strength
    • In the Jedi Ruins, you will notice that in the northern part of the open ruins that there is a large column which leads up to a second level. Climb up this long, fallen column. At the top, turn around. You will be able to run along the edge of the second platform towards the southwestern portion of the temple. As you get closer, you will see an elite Dark Jedi. Ignore it, and instead go around it. On the far side there will be a small buttress(ledge) you can jump down to, which will lead you to the Datacron (not all the way down to the first level).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 07: The First Spaceflights

Balmorra (Republic)

The datacrons on the planet Balmorra are slightly different for Republic and Empire, there are 5 to collect for both factions.


Datacron Locations - Balmorra (Republic) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Balmorra (Republic)

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X: 192, Y: -342)
    • Reward +4 Aim
    • Location: Bugtown
    • Purchase Lost Code Cylinder as key for the datacron box from Ba'Teil. She is east across the water from the Flashpoint Shuttle marked on your map, around (X: 673, Y: 39). Note: You may not need the Lost Code Cylinder yourself, and you only need 1 if you are in a group, as the datacron box remains open for approximately 3 minutes after it is opened.
    • Datacron is on a broken bridge just North / Northwest of Farnel Outpost
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 53: The Conclave at Deneba
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X: -485, Y: -233)
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X: -1017, Y: 1514)
  • Datacron 4: Located at (X: -779, Y: 2069)
    • Reward +4 Willpower
    • Loation: Gorinth Canyon
    • Folow the south road from Lower Markaran Outpost and cross the pipe leading across the canyon. The pipe is located at (X: -660, Y: 1837, Z: 131) between the first bridge and the broken anti-air gun. Follow the pipe across the valley, then follow the path to the left. The datacron will be below you on the left.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 55: The Ascension of Exar Kun
  • Datacron 5: Located at (X: 730, Y: 2030)
    • Reward +4 Presence
    • Location: Gorinth Canyon, but approach from Sundari Flatlands
    • Head southwest out of Lower Sundari Outpost and across the bridge. Head into the imperials area and to the left behind the enormous satelite dish. Up the mountain path and avoid the elites and champion.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 57: The Brotherhood's Power Grows

Republic Fleet


Datacron Locations - Republic Fleet (Republic) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Republic Fleet (Republic)

Reward: +10 to all stats

Step-by-step instructions on how to get to the +10 all stats datacrons in the Republic Fleet/Gav Daragon.

Click on the timers below to go straight to the different parts of the Datacron walk-through.

  • Step 1: Obtain items needed to access the datacrons
    • 0:42 First item - MGGS in Alderaan
    • 1:19 Second item - Red Crystal in Corellia
      • You need this to open the door to get into the maintenance shaft.
    • 1:52 Third item - Blue Crystal in the Republic Fleet
      • You need this to open the datacron doorway.
      • This part also shows you how to get to the Datacron location in Gav Daragon.
  • Step 2: Rally your friends
    • Minimum: 5 people. Slow and frustrating as you will have to rotate positions 1 by 1 if everyone needs the datacrons.
    • Recommended: 8 people. Faster and less frustrating. 1 rotation only if everyone needs the datacrons.
    • Make sure EVERYONE has the 3 items.
    • Step 3: Get in the maintenance shaft
  • Step 4: Get across the bridge
  • Step 5: Position all members (Position Map)
    • Main positions are at A, D, B and E. Point E is the buggiest. Be patient. Just spam the grappling point.
    • 6:15 Getting into position
  • Step 6: Grappling time!

The Empire


Korriban is the starting location for the Sith force users, and as such, is not accessible by Republic players. All three of the Korriban Datacrons sit out in the open:


Datacron Locations - Korriban (Empire) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Korriban (Empire)

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:153, Y:81, Z:5)
    • Reward: +2 Endurance
    • This Datacron in particular is near the shuttle, right near the platform. It is not really hidden but can be easy to miss in your haste to get off the planet. (Across a small platform, at the foot of one of the ion-cannons on the other side of a wall).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 15: Mandalore
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:529, Y:65, Z:-162)
    • Reward: +2 Willpower
    • This datacron is most easily located by the purple glowing light it emits, visible clearly when taking the taxi from Sith Academy to the Lower Wilds. It is accessed by following the path around to the stated coordinates.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 16: The Alsakan Conflicts
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:-55, Y:379)
    • Reward: Red Matrix Shard
    • Another Datacron that is out in the open. Just head to the location and you cannot miss it. In the small courtyard in the Tomb of Tulak Hord surrounded by walls on three sides. You have to go around to the back of them to get in.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 17: The Duinuogwuin Contention


Hutta datacron locations

Hutta is the starting planet for Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents and is home to three Empire-only Datacrons. Sith can always come to this planet to grab these Datacrons once they get their Starships:


Datacron Locations - Hutta (Empire) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Hutta (Empire)

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:-95, Y:860)
    • Reward: +2 Aim
    • Sits on a hill overlooking Huttsbane, directly south of the Evocii Work Camp.
    • Climb on top of the beam/pipe nearby(south side of hill) that allows access to the ledge that this Datacron sits upon. Once on the ledge, run over to the Datacron’s location and you can pick it up.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 01: The Architects
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:650, Y:-120)

    Hop on the pipe here. Run along the top to the datacron on the island.

    • Reward: +2 Presence
    • Island north of the Rust Yards.
    • Climb on the pipe at (X:503, Y:-18) and follow it north and then as it heads east, being careful not to fall off at the turn. Defeat a Strong Chemilizard for your reward.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 02: Ancient Civilizations
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:-13, Y:323, Z:-12)
    • Reward: Blue Matrix Shard.
    • This Datacron is in the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels (Heroic Area)(X:-18, Y:12) (entrance at X:-18, Y:214) which are the location of the "[Heroic 2+] Factory Recall" quest, as you have to fight elite enemies here. As a result, it can be tough to do solo (but perhaps doable once you get your companion). You can pick up someone in general chat to help you out with this or you can wait until you are a higher level to come back (as soon as you unlock your spaceship you can get this Datacron).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 03: The Battalions of Zhell

Dromund Kaas

Datacron dromund kaas empire.jpg

There are five datacron located on the capital planet of the Empire, Dromund Kaas. This is the first planet Imperial players will visit after leaving their starting planet.


Datacron Locations - Dromund Kaas (Empire) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Dromund Kaas (Empire)

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:855, Y:642).
    • Reward: +2 Strength
    • Dromund Kaas Spaceport - Docking Bay D-61: Get on top of the nearby ramp and drop onto the metal support beams below (at 873, 596) . You can then cross the beams to the Datacron, which is on top of a box you could otherwise not reach. (edit: This docking bay is located on the exact opposite side of the spaceport after leaving the docking bay from Black Talon.)
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 19: The Pius Dea Crusades
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:581, Y:798).
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:-1219, Y:209).
    • Reward: +2 Cunning
    • Just west of the letter “E” in “Expansion District” on the map, you can jump onto the rocks and follow the path west towards the end of the mountain. When you take the hidden path, it will bring you quite high off the ground, allowing you to jump down onto the platform where the Datacron is when you get near its location.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 22: The Second Great Schism
  • Datacron 4: Located at (X:-793, Y:1450).
    • Reward: +2 Endurance
    • There is a hidden path just north of the entrance of Lord Grathan’s residence, at the end of his estate at about (-690,1527). It is just between the defenses and the wall, there is a small amount of grass, follow that to a small pool, crossing the water you'll come to a path between the mountains, follow it.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 20: Chancellor Blotus
  • Datacron 5: Located at (X:-187, Y:1738).
    • Reward: Yellow Matrix Shard
    • A hidden path just east of the Datacron’s location is the entryway to get to the final Datacron. There are a few elites nearby so be careful or bring allies. It is easy to grab people in general chat – there are plenty of people who would be happy to know the location of the final datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 18: The Hutt Cataclysms

Balmorra (Empire)


Datacron Locations - Balmorra (Empire) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Balmorra (Empire)

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:-1017 Y:1515)
    • Reward: +2 Aim
    • Markaran Plains, inside the Okara Droid Factory,  Assembly Line heroic area.
    • Below the second conveyer belt, there is a doorway to a shaft.  The holocron is resting on a pipe in the shaft.   I stepped onto the first pipe and walked north on the pipe - dropping down to the pipe the datacron is resting on.   This shaft leads to the Research and Development heroic area.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 28: The Battle at Primus Goluud
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:1851, Y:111)
    • Reward: +2 Cunning
    • Approach from the Sundari Flatlands, thru the Balmorran Arms Factory, into the Power Center.
    • Enter the Balmorran Arms Factory.  Make your way thru the second level and exit into the Power Center.  The datacron is found at the eastern end of the map at the end of the rocky outcropping beneath the northern pier.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 29: Sadow's Escape
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:-504 Y:1988)
    • Reward Green Matrix Shard, used to make Matrix Cube wearable relics.
    • Gorinth Canyon, Neebray Warehouse, Lower Level
    • Use the elevator in south of the Neebray Warehouse.  The Datacron is behind a force field that can only be opened by two players simultaneously using consoles on opposite sides of the room.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 30: Rise of the Sith Emperor
  • Datacron 4: Glitched, Player coordinates show (X:727 Y:171) mouse coordinates show (X:727 Y:2032)
  • Datacron 5: Located at (X:190 Y:-341)
    • Reward +2 Willpower
    • Farnel Research Facility, which is flown to from the Vanguard Outpost Skyhopper in the Markaran Plains.
    • Atop the broken bridge north of Bugtown, there's locked chest with a quest icon over it. One must purchase the Lost Code Cylinder from Ba'teil the Junk Dealer (X:674, Y:35) in order to open the chest and get the datacron. Only one person in a group will need to get the key to open the chest.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 32: Long Exile

Imperial Fleet


★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Imperial Fleet (Ziost Shadow) - 10 to All Stats

Datacron Location - Imperial Fleet (Ziost Shadow)

Reward: +10 to all stats

Instructions to get the +10 all stats datacron on Ziost Shadow of the Imperial Fleet.  Click on the timers below to go straight to the different parts of the datacron video walk-through.

  • Step 1: Obtain items required to access the datacron
    • 0:42 Required item - MGGS from Alderaan
    • 1:19 Required item - Corellian Museum Crystal from Axial Park on Corellia.
    • 1:52 Required item - Cormium Crystal Shard, a blue crystal acquired in the Museum on the Ziost Shadow.
      • You need this to open the datacron doorway.
      • This part also shows you how to get to the Datacron location in Gav Daragon.
  • Step 2: Rally your friends
    • Minimum: 5 people. Slow and frustrating as you will have to rotate positions 1 by 1 if everyone needs the datacrons.
    • Recommended: 8 people. Faster and less frustrating. 1 rotation only if everyone needs the datacrons.
    • Make sure EVERYONE has the 3 items.
    • Step 3: Get in the maintenance shaft
  • Step 4: Get across the bridge
  • Step 5: Position all members (Position Map)
    • Main positions are at A, D, B and E. Point E is not buggy anymore!
    • 6:15 Getting into position
  • Step 6: Grappling time!

Empire and Republic

These planets are accessible by both factions.


Taris (Republic)


★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Taris (Republic)

Datacron Locations - Taris (Republic)

  • Republic Datacron 1: (X: -362, Y: -227)
    • Reward: +2 Willpower
    • Location: The Sinking City, Collapsed Medical District, Dynamet General Hospital Basement
    • Republic Only (Imperials see a Imperial Agent Instance at the entrance).
    • Accessed from Ruins of Dynamet General (X: -445, Y: -350). An emergency exit is hidden behind some crates that can be found in the Research area of the Hospital. This is located underneath the general hospital ruins. (X: -361, Y: -187)
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 26: Naga Sadow's Deceptions.
  • Republic Datacron 2: Tularan Marsh/Abandoned Power Plant (X: 1059, Y: 1039)
    • Reward: Green Matrix Shard
    • Republic Only
    • You will need at least two people to collect this datacron
    • Enter the research facility. In one of the far back rooms you will find a console that operates a release valve on some machinery behind it. If a player stands on the vents on that machinery, the venting will blast you up in the air, and with luck, you will land on one of the pipes above. Locate the datacron and walk the pipes to its location. Drop off onto the platform on the right of the datacron (its near impossible to drop off onto the platform with the datacron first). Then simply jump over to the other platform and collect your reward.
    • Codex entry: Galactic History 27: The Great Hyperspace War

Taris (Empire)


SWTOR Datacrons of Taris (Empire) - A Guide by Degren of Friends and Pals! HD

Datacron Locations - Taris (Empire)

  • Empire Datacron 1: Located at (X: 442 Y: -772)
    • Reward: +4 Willpower
    • Area: Jedi Enclave Excavation Site
    • Empire Only
    • CAUTION: missing jumps are fatal on this section and you can't get revived by droid!
    • Scale the large beam(x: 350 y: -900) heading west until you reach the top. Jump left off the beam at the top onto a small rounded edge (see the video for images as these are tricky jumps). Go around the wall on the right and jump on to the square beam. Head south on this beam and jump across the gap to the next structure. Procceed south again and cross the large gap fom a small platform to another square beam (back up all the way on the platform to give you enough space to jump). Run east and go around the left side of the pillar until you are facing south again. get onto the top of the platform running south and head to the end of the broken section (at the end of the section stay on the right side which looks darker or you will fall off). Look down and jump to the small platform below you. Heal up and head around the left side of the tower infront of you. Jump onto the broken piece to the south of the tower head to the wall running east and head to the purple datacron (watch out for the gap on the platform you are on).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 50: Basilisk
  • Empire Datacron 2: Located at (X:-643 Y:1606)
    • Reward: +4 Cunning
    • Area: The Brell Sediment / Abandoned Pirate Cave / Republic Mines
    • Empire Only
    • Enter Brell Sediment area. Go into the Abandoned Pirate Cave. Take the elevator at the south end of the cave to the Republic Mines. The datacron is on one of the crates in the southeast corner. You will have to do some jumping on pipes, racks, and crates to get there. Add your advice here!
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 52: Exar Kun Faces Korriban

Taris (Both)

  • Datacron 1: Republic Resettlement Zone (X: -1515, Y: -253)
    • Reward: +2 Aim (Republic) +3 Endurance (Empire)
    • Location: Republic Resettlement Zone
    • Start at X:-1365 Y:-195. Walk along the narrow ledge along the wall on your right. Continue past the first and second platform and jump down on the ship (the orange area), then jump down on the pipe on the other side. Run to the end of the pipe and jump down on the platform with a large hole through it (you should be able to see the holocron's light through the hole). Jump down and head toward the datacron.
    • Republic Codex Entry: Galactic History 23: The Sith Order Begins.
    • Empire Codex Entry: Galactic History 48: The Audiences on Onderon
  • Datacron 2: Tularan Marsh (X: 1047, Y: 454)
    • Reward: +2 Cunning (Republic) +4 Aim (Empire)
    • Location: Tularan Marsh, Derelict Swoop Tracks
    • Start at X:1181 Y:264. Run up the pipe and then jump down to the left, onto the platform and then the beam. Run across the beam to the ledge on the wall. Head right, onto the broken plate, then south to the wall. Follow the platforms, projecting from the wall, staying close to the left wall. Make sure to jump the gaps between the platforms. When you come near X:962 Y:593, jump down to your right (northwest) onto the grayish beams. Follow these beams and plates until you reach a wider gap near X:880 Y:458. Jump over, near the left side of this gap. Keep heading northeast to the datacron.
    • Republic Codex Entry: Galactic History 24: Empress Teta
    • Empire Codex Entry: Galactic History 49: Exar Kun
  • Datacron 3: Tularan Marsh / Verdant Marsh / Shattered Pipe Works / Transport Station 5 (X: 1187, Y: -571)
    • Reward: +2 Strength (Republic) +4 Presence (Empire)
    • Location: Tularan Marsh, Transport Station 5 (a sub zone within the Tularan Marsh - X:391 Y:2 Z:-180)
    • Enter Transport Station 5 through a pipe in the northern Tularan Marsh (X:390 Y:-180). Progress to the northeast corner of the area. The datacron on scafolding that you can easily reach by (Republic: climbing some stairs) (Empire: climbing a plate and pipe) and jumping across a small gap.
    • Republic Codex Entry: Galactic History 25: Two Rivals
    • Empire Codex Entry: Galactic History 51: The Krath Cult Strikes

Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa has separate datacrons for each faction.

Nar Shaddaa (Republic)

Step-by-step instructions on how to get to the datacrons in Nar Shadaa. You are advised to get the last 2 datacrons together. You have to go through the Cunning Datacron pathway to get to the Yellow Matrix Shard datacron.


Datacron Locations - Nar Shaddaa (Republic) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Nar Shaddaa (Republic)


★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Nar Shaddaa (Republic)

Datacron Locations - Nar Shaddaa (Republic)

  • Republic Datacron 1: Shadow Town (X:2156, Y:3103)
    • Reward: +3 Strength
    • This is found in the lower shadow town access tunnels. Jump up on the boxes at (X:2303 . Y:3057 ) then follow the ledge to a bunch of pipes. From the pipes climb onto the metal flipper and onto more pipes. Get on the ledge and follow around corner. There is an elevator that will take you to the Lower Shadow Town Access Tunnels. At the end of the hall will be a red strength shard that says it is
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 37: Freedon Nadd
  • Republic Datacron 2: Nikto Sector (X:-3362, Y:-3316)
    • Reward: +3 Aim
    • Nikto Sector -- Start at (X: -3298, Y: -3397) and climb up on the boxes. Jump over to the awning and run up the cables to the pipe. Follow the pipes back across and then jump to the next pipe. Follow up to a sign. Aim your jump towards where the sign and wall connect so that you don't fall. Jump from the top of the sign to the top of the building. Walk around the wall until you get to a spot where you can drop down onto a cable that connects out to the datacron. Drop down and walk across to the datacron
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 33: Dromund Kaas
  • Republic Datacron 3: Red Light Sector (X:3338, Y:-3287)
    • Reward: +3 Presence
    • Red Light District-- Start at (X: 3463, Y: -3523) elevator to Gauntlet Gang Area (Warning! Level 20 HEROIC 2+ Area). Jump onto the awning at location (X: 3690, Y: 1338) and run up it to the catwalk above. Take the elevator to the Red Light District Catwalk to retrieve the datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 35: The Gank Massacres

Nar Shaddaa (Empire)

Step-by-step instructions on how to get the datacron in Nar Shaddaa. There are 5 datacrons.


SWTOR Datacrons of Nar Shaddaa (Empire) - A Guide by Degren of Friends and Pals! HD

Datacron Locations - Nar Shaddaa (Empire)

  • Empire Datacron 1: Located at (X:2018, Y:-1606)
    • Reward: +3 Strength
    • Network Access -- Start from the taxi and hug the right rail. Jump off the ledge onto some pipes and heal, continue going down and healing stoping near an unmanned taxi. Use the Unmanned Taxi to travel to the Datacron. Use the near-by Communicator to travel back.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 37: Freedon Nadd
  • Empire Datacron 2: Located at (X:2930:, Y:-1450)
    • Reward: +3 Presence
    • Duros Sector -- From the taxi head down the elevator and turn left. Keep going down the main path (Brown colored line on the mini-map) until you see a ramp (on map as "To Duros Sector: Slums" (X:1658, Y:-3186). From the top of the ramp head left under the stack of crates, look for the small crates and jump on them. Keep heading up until you see horizontal support beams, jump on them (using walk helps at this point). Jump on the 3 horizontal beams heading in a counter-clockwise direction. Follow the last beam toward a platform and jump onto the crate stack and jump onto the cloth awning. Jump onto the next platform and head toward the elevator, taking the Residential Catwalks option. From the elevator head left and jump onto the pipe. Follow the pipe to another platform, jump onto the platform and then onto the cloth awning. The datacron is front of you. (you are now above the heroic area, be careful about jumping down)
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 35: The Gank Massacres
  • Empire Datacron 3: Located at (X:-3700, Y:-1692)
    • Reward: +3 Aim
    • Corellian Sector - From the taxi head down the main path to the 3rd set of bus stops (X:-3784, Y:-1682, Z:241) on the right. Use the boxes and shelves to get to the top of the awning of the bus stop on the right side and wait for the advertising kiosk to pass by, then jump on top of it (total loop time is 17 minutes). Ride the kiosk till you see the datacron and jump onto the platform (travel time is 5 minutes).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 33: Dromund Kaas

Nar Shaddaa (Both)

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:1702, Y:3084)
    • Reward: +3 Cunning
    • [Imperial] Upper Industrial Sector -- From the taxi to the Industrial Sector, Head East. Take the Systech West Elevator at X:-1682, Y: 2879 to Network Security District. Head South to the end of the map and take either of the two ramps down stairs. Then turn back North. Take the first ramp up on the right side (Character facing North). Follow the corridor around the U-turn, DO NOT take the exit to Network Security District. After exiting the corridor, follow the path marked with solid line on the map. (East out of the corridor, Turns North, Then back East, then South, Then East again) At This point the solid path splits turning North with a dotted path continuing East, Look right for small stack of boxes. ( Character facing East) Jump up the boxes head up the ramp, Follow the catwalk until you find a computer you can interact with. Enter the Incinerator room. Once you pass the blue barrier you will take fire damage, head to the North-East side of the room and use the small terminal to choose a code. The correct code is 326:3827. This is the unit number of the maintenance hatch in the garbage room on death star 1 (“A new hope”).
    • [Republic] Start at the Lower Industrial Sector Taxi. Head East into the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse. Travel to the lower right of the map and take the Systech East Elevator to High Security Lockdown. Head South down the ramp and when you emerge into the "Prison Yard" area, you should see a stack of boxes right in front of you that leads up a long ramp . Take the ramp and follow it to the glowing terminal outside the giant incinerator. Use the terminal to enter the incinerator. Once past the blue barrier shield you take fire damage. Haul butt across to the back right corner where you will find a terminal to open the exit door of the incinerator. First operate the Old Prize Machine to get your "slot decoder." You will need this for the second datacron. Then grab your +3 Cunning Datacron. Exit up the ramp.
    • Click on the Old Prize Machine before leaving, Will need the Slot Decoder to get the 5th Datacron.
    • PATCH 1.2 UPDATE: After patch 1.2, you have only ONE try in the Incinerator Room . The correct code is 326:3827. This is exactly the unit number of the maintenance hatch in the garbage room on Death Star.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 34: The Discovery of Ryll
  • Datacron 2: Lower Industrial Sector/High Security Lockdown/Network Security District (X:1784, Y:3091)
    • Reward: Yellow Matrix Shard
    • Required: Slot Decoder from the above (+3 cunning) datacron.
    • (Empire) Upper Industrial Sector -- From the taxi to the Industrial Sector, Head East. Take the Systech West Elevator at X:-1682, Y: 2879 to Network Security District. Head South till you are forced to choose either East or West, Go East. You will enter a fairly open room, facing a stack of crates immediatly down the ramp in front of you. (X:1712, Y:3091) Climb to the top box, then climb the pipes on the Eastern Wall at the back of the crates. ( See Video above @ 3:54 If you are having difficulty with the Jumps) Once you make it up to the balcony head South-East to the datacron. You will need to use the Slot Decoder mentioned above to retrieve the datacron.
    • (Republic) Lower Industrial Sector -- From the taxi to the Industrial Sector, head East, to the Systech East Elevator at X:-1671, Y:-1700 (cursor will say X:-1672, Y:3002). Head to High Security Lockdown. From there, head to the closest entrance to the Network Security District. If you've just gotten the previous datacron, you're already close to it. Once in the Infotech Plaza, go up the closest ramp to X:1713, Y:3090. Climb to the top box, then climb the pipes on the Eastern Wall at the back of the crates. ( See Video above @ 3:54 If you are having difficulty with the Jumps) Once you make it up to the balcony head South-East to the datacron. You will need to use the Slot Decoder mentioned above to retrieve the datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 36: The Quarren-Mon Calamari War


Tatooine (Empire)


SWTOR Datacrons of Tatooine (Empire) - A Guide by Degren of Friends and Pals HD

Datacron Locations - Tatooine (Empire)

  • Empire Datacron 1: Mos Ila (X: 728 Y: 3133) 
    • Reward: +3 Cunning
    • This Datacron is located on top of the Bank in Mos Ila. To get to this Datacron you have to traverse over many buildings. Starting at the west side of the town where you can jump on a pole (X: 485 Y: 2913 Z: 479) holding one of the 3 corners of a tent.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 39: The Third Great Schism

Tatooine (Republic)


Datacron Locations - Tatooine (Republic) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Tatooine (Republic)

Tatooine (Both)

  • Datacron 1: The Dune Sea (X: -2388, Y: -1394)
    • Reward: Blue Matrix Shard
    • Catch a ride on the Jawa Balloon (The Dune Sea, X: -2335 Y: 0 Z: 465) and drop on the Sand Crawler in the NW corner of map.
    • If you have a group of datacron hunters one of them can take the balloon ride and one he/she is on top of the crawler. After that start a duel and use force charge to jump to him, or a high level sorcerer can pull their teammates, or a high enough powertech can grapple and pull you up there. This works for the one in Mos Ila as well.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 40: Czerka Discovers Kashyyyk
  • Datacron 2: The Dune Sea (X: -2392, Y: -1381)
    • Reward: +3 Strength
    • Just below Datacron posted above, you'll see a little platform sticking out from the southeast. From the above datacron you can jump then move forward to hop down onto the platform.
    • It is possible to duel someone to knock them up there. Then they can grapple or you can force leap up to them.
    • Hint: It helps to use walk (activated by the / key on the number pad) so that you dont over shoot the ledge.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 41: The Droid Rights Movement
  • Datcron 3: Jundland (X: 2073 Y: -577)
    • Reward: +3 Willpower
    • Located east of the Ridgeside Camp (Empire) on a cliff overlooking the Area. Head just south west of the datacron to the edge of the canyon. You should be able to look over and see a ledge jutting out from the canyon wall. Jump to the ledge and continue through the tunnel until you reach the datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 42: The Nevoota Extinction
  • Datacron 4: The Dune Sea (X:-620, Y: -30)
    • Reward: +3 Aim
    • Go to the Black Box quest area to the NW of Mos Anek and head to the western cliff. There'll be a piece of the downed shuttle. Over the edge on a piece of the shuttle's engine wedged in the side of the cliff leading into The Dune Sea. Note: You either have to travel through level 50 Empire NPCs, or from Outpost Salara travel through the PVP canyon SW of it.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 38: The Tyrant of Onderon


Step-by-step instructions on how to get to the datacrons in Alderaan. If you are below 45, you will need a group to get the last datacron (Endurance +3) in the Heroic Area - King's Pass.
Basically the same spots for the Empire but with different taxi points.

Note: Items to buy MGGS and Red Detonite Actuator at the vendor located at X1870, Y:1090


Datacron Locations - Alderaan (Republic) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Alderaan

  • Datacron 1: The Juran Mountains (X:1114, Y:79)
    • Reward: +4 Aim
    • It is at the bottom of the mountain on an island in the middle of the river. There are 2 ways to acess this datacron. You can jump on the very small ledges on the SE base of the mountain it's sitting on, or you can take the cable lift from the mountain above and ride it down.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 43: The Great Droid Revolution
  • Datacron 2: The Glarus Valley (X:-410, Y:-209) 
    • Reward: +3 Presence
    • At the location listed (south side of the river) above a saddled Thranta hovers above a small nest. Activate it and it flies the player up to a nest. The datacron is there.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 45: The Krath Cult
  • Datacron 3: Kaamos Territory ( X:2190, Y:-2019)
    • Reward: +4 Strength
    • You can buy a Magnetically Guided Grappling System (MGGS) at the vendor located at X1870, Y:1090. Then go to the datacron's location and use the MGGS to grapple to its platform.
    • Patch 1.2 Update for this datacron:
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 46: Nadd's Legacy
  • Datacron 4: The Glarus Valley (Castle Panteer) (X:-2508, Y:-426) 
    • Reward: +3 Willpower
    • Enter Castle Panteer's Mezzanine by using a hidden door near the south west corner of Castle Panteer's interior. Please note that characters with bodytype 3 and 4 are able to get in the door but have to catch the proper pathing to do so and is extremely difficult. You can be ressurected by a smaller body type and spawn on the other side of the door allowing access to this area or have a Powertech or republic equal duel you and pull you to the ledge above.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 47: Naddist Rebels
  • Datacron 5: The Juran Mountains/King's Pass (X:2721, Y:2496)
    • Reward: +3 Endurance
    • You need to get a Red Detonite Actuator at a vendor in The Juran Mountains at (1880,1109).*** (I found an easier way to get to the vendor. Pls go here Obtaining MGGS for the Green Matrix Shard and go to 7:12 for the route. Also, you should buy the MGGS as well for the Green Matrix Shard datacron in Corellia later on)
    • The datacron is in a cave located at X2368, Y2449. Go to the end of the main chamber not making any turns.
    • Only ONE person in the group needs to have it tp blow up the rock wall by the datacron. Then you need to go through a heroic area full of L40 elites to get to the cave where the datacron is at.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 44: The Jedi Nomi



★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Quesh (Republic)

Datacron Locations - Quesh (Republic)


SWTOR Datacrons of Quesh (Empire) - A Guide by Degren of Friends and Pals! HD

Datacron Locations - Quesh (Empire)

  • Datacron 1: Quesh-Yuna Crosscut (X:207 Y:770)
    • Reward: +4 Endurance
    • South of the Imperial Outpost at ( Cursor -2, 685 or Player -7, 63 ) is a cave. Enter the cave and procceed to the door with a console next to it. Stand just inside the door and press the console on the outside (BEWARE: this will seal the door and fill the big room with poisonous gas). Once the door is close press the two consoles on the pillars in the middle of the room. This requires two people as the consoles are timed. Then proceed south through the door and to the datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 59: Aleema's Fate
  • Datacron 2: Quesh-Tainted Valley (X:428 Y:-132)
    • Reward: +4 Cunning
    • North of the Imperial Outpost at ( Cursor 120, -258 or Player 164,-242 ) go east along the lower path. To the left is a ridge at ( Cursor 434, -286 or Player 439, 119 ). Follow this ridge east as it goes all the way along the side of the path and curves back around to the west. Drop down to the platform around the fence until you get to a broken part of the fence. Enter here, proceed to ( cursor 420, -128 or Player 427, 124 ) to get the datacron ( no jumping or platforming is required from the broken fence.
    • Location of pipe has changed. Check the update video here!
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 58: Ulic's Trials
  • Datacron 3: Quesh-Malignant Meadow (X:555 Y:1421)
    • Reward: +4 Strength
    • Head to the three families palace ground at ( Cursor 478, 1752 or Player 499, 149 ) Head west along the outside of the wall. hug the wall all the way around to the Large white rocks. Make your way through the rocks to the red strength datacron just up the hill at ( Cursor 544, 1412 or Player 555, 163 ).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 60: The destruction of Ossus



Datacron Locations - Hoth (Republic) - Game Cannon SWTOR

Datacron Locations - Hoth

  • Datacron 1:
    • Reward: Red Matrix Shard
    • Location: Highmount Ridge, Highmount Bluffs, X:-740, Y:1708
    • First you need to get a Hydro-Thinner from the cantina vendor at your factions starting base (18 000 credits, unbound and is not consumed). Then head to the datacron. The datacron is encased in an ice block, which is why you need the Hydro-Thinner. Notable landmarks at the datacron is an ice stalagmite, next to three small ice rocks. Coming in from the west should make it easy to spot.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 66: The Jedi Covenant
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X: 1042, Y: -1245, Z: 3)
    • Reward: +4 Presence
    • Location: Glacial Fissure (NE corner)
    • Go to (X: 1035, Y: -1036) and on the right you can walk up the hill to a radar dish near a boss. Go left, past the radar dish, and jump up onto the ice ledge (X: 1144, Y: -999). Follow the ledge north. Jump off and keep following the right wall and tunnel to the datacron location.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 65: An Exile on Rhen Var
  • Datacron 3:
    • Reward: +4 Cunning
    • Location: The Starship Graveyard, East South East
    • Enter the Star of Coruscant (the crashed ship), fore section (see image). Go all the way east, to the lift. Take the lift to the Star of Coruscant - fore catwalks (see image). Hop onto the forklift, then containers, then wall ledge, then container. Now wait for the moving container. You'll notice containers being moved by overhead cranes. Hop onto the first moving container. It takes you across the room and you can jump onto more stationary containers. Which leads to another moving container. Half way across the room you can jump from one moving container onto another. Wait for your target container to be at its lowest point. Then an easy jump onto the ledge with the datacron. Usually a three drawer chest on the ledge for you as well.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 63: The Terentatek Hunt
  • Datacron 4:
    • Reward: +4 Endurance
    • Location: Starship Graveyard (NE corner - start at X:2760, Y:36)
    • Start at the northeast end of the map. Go north into the heroic area for the Empire. For Republic players, the mobs here will be friendly. For Empire, you may need a group. Turn left when you get to the fork and follow it west to (X:2597, Y:74). From here, jump up on the ice mountain ledges on the left (see image). Head east, going over the arch that you went under to get into the heroic area. Follow the ice east and get onto a ledge on the Star of Coruscant (see image). Next go south along the outside edge of the starship, sometimes walking or jumping along ice. You might hear the song of the datacron, as you pass by the crashed ship perpendicular to the SoC. The datacron is just above you. Continue on south. You'll have a chance to climb up on ice on the ship, to get to a higher elevation (see image). Once on the higher level, you can work your way back north on the SoC to get to the datacron (see image).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 64: The Kanz Disorders
  • Datacron 5:
    • Reward: +4 Strength
    • Location #1: Clabburn Tundra, Southern Snowdrift Hills, roaming X:-3705, Y:572
    • Location #2: Starship Graveyard, Star of Coruscant, X:2991, Y:-96
    • Requires killing an Ancient Probe, a level 47 Champion. It's quickly patrolling the area. Found him at X:-4000,Y:200, see image). The Ancient Probe drops a Depleated Datacron. This datacron will function only after it has been recharged. It can be taken to a Coupled Recharge Station at location #2 (see image). The Coupled Recharge Station is reached via the northern path into the Star of Coruscant, in the Starship Graveyard. Walk up the elevated decking on the right. If you have the datacron in your inventory and interact with the Coupled Recharge Station, the station will display a fully functional datacron for all to use, for about 3 minutes.
    • Note that only one Depleted Datacron drops per kill (only one is needed if the group remains until datacron collected).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 67: Mandalore the Ultimate



★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Belsavis (Republic)

Datacron Locations - Belsavis (Republic)


SWTOR Datacrons of Belsavis (Empire) - A Guide by Degren of Friends and Pals! HD

Datacron Locations - Belsavis (Empire)

  • Datacron 2:
    • Reward: +4 Endurance
    • Location: High Security Section leading to the Lost Cavern.
    • At northern end of High Security Section, X:-837, Y:-778 (see image), you'll find a rock pathway leading down.  At the bottom is the hidden Lost Cavern.   The Cave is guarded by strong and elite mobs of levels 41 and 42.  The datacron is on an elevated mound and is guarded by a level 41 or 42 champion, Long Claw.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 69: The Mandalorian Wars
  • Datacron 3:
    • Reward: +4 Presence
    • Location: Maximum Security Section (X: -1915,Y: -476, see image)
    • Start at X:-2066, Y:-164 In the northern part of Maximum Seucirty Section, Convict's Wild (see map image). Head north, hugging the right wall.  You will pass thru a small ice cave.  You'll soon see the datacron and can jump down to it.  See map image for datacron location.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 70: The Covenant Acts
  • Datacron 4:
    • Reward: +4 Aim
    • Location: The Tomb  (X: -785,Y: -1929)
    • Start at X:-718, Y:-1903, see map image.
    • The "invisible bridge" now works correctly.  I had to zoom in my camera to see it.  Carefully drop down to where the glowing lines are and go across to the datacron. Check the video here!  After accessing the datacron, you can get back by using the Rakata teleporter on the island.  Unknown if you need to have previously 'unlocked' the destination, which is Lower Prison, Outer Transport, for Imperial characters (see map image). For Republic Characters, the destination is Lower Transport Center.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 68: The Mandalorians Return
  • Datacron 5:
    • Reward: Green Matrix Shard
    • Location: The Tomb (X:-542, Y:-2172) leading to Cave-Under-Tree
    • First, you'll need 4 Rakata Energy Cubes (4 total, not 4 per person).  These cubes power a machine to get the green matrix shard. These cubes spawn at several points on the ground.  Some maps and locations reported in the past are no longer valid (version 2.0).  This map of The Tomb, by orTemplars, has been perfect to date..  Here is a video showing a Rakata Energy Cube and running the 8 location circuit in The Tomb to look for more.  If you find other cube locations, by personal experience, please post them here.  In The Tomb, a cube randomly spawns at only one of the eight locations at a time.  Once taken by a player, the cube disappears from the ground.  The cube appears to respawn within 2 minutes, randomly at one of the 8 locations in The Tomb.  The Rakata Energy Cubes reportedly are tradeable.  They cannot be sold on the GTN.
    • When you're ready to activate the machine go to The Tomb (X:-542, Y:-2172).  Take the elevator to the Cave-Under-Tree.  Head to the datacron at XY.  Players insert cubes into the machine.  Once all 4 cubes are inserted, you can "Run Shard Sequence".  It appears that all those nearby are now welcome to activate the datacron and receive the Green Matrix Shard.
    • If you try to pick up a Rakata Energy Cube and receive the message "You don't need to use that right now", that means you already have completed this datacron.  Leave the cube for someone who needs it :).
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 71: The Muur Talisman



★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Voss (Republic)

Datacron Locations - Voss (Republic)

  • Datacron 1:
    • Reward: +4 Willpower
    • Location:  The Old Paths
    • Travel to Fort Kodentha via skyhopper.  Head east, following the right edge of the hills to X:-438, Y:187.  Here, start hopping up on these rocks to get to the cave at Voss-Ka X:-392, Y:138.  Go thru the cave, leading to a clearing with the datacron in Voss-Ka X:-28, Y:372.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 77: A Return to the Unknown Regions
  • Datacron 2:
    • Reward: +4 Endurance
    • Location: The Old Paths
    • In order to access the datacron in the Shrine of Healing, we first need to complete a quest.  If you have not completed the quest and try to access the datacron, you will receive the message "Only those worthy can receive the shrines gift."  For Empire, the quest is "The Gormak Problem", given by Fadith-Ki at Pilgrim Retreat X:-1791, Y:-891.  For Republic, the quest is "Roadblock", given by Suva-Rak at Pilgrim Retreat X:-1771, Y:-851.  After you have spoken with Magra-Su and have been shown your vision, then you may use the green healing crystal in the Shrine of Healing at X:-1909, Y:-2309.  This heals an ill Voss pilgrim lying on a mat beside the crystal.  Then you may use the datacron in the Shrine of Healing at X:-1948, Y:-2228.  If you do not use the datacron promptly, you will need to go back and re-use the green healing crystal.  If you try to use the green healing crystal before completing the required quest 'trials', you will receive the message "You must learn more to use this."
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 73: The Battle of Malachor Five
  • Datacron 3:
    • Reward: +4 Strength
    • Location: The Gormak Lands, Gorma-Koss X:656, Y:2060
    • I reached this by heading to quiet area near a 46 Champ (X:70, Y:1918) and scampered up the southern rock face to the open datacron clearing.  No fighting involved.  Reportedly there is another path to the clearing.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 76: Revan is Remade
    • The path previously mentioned is at X: 459 Y: 1959
  • Datacron 4:
    • Reward: +4 Presence
    • Location: The Nightmare Lands X:2002, Y:-941
    • Head to the north east corner and click on the Meditation Tablet to be taken to the Spirit World.  There, click on the datacron.  Click on the Meditation Tablet again to return to The Nightmare Lands.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 75: The Jedi Civil War
  • Datacron 5:
    • Reward: +4 Cunning
    • Location: The Nightmare Lands, The Boneyard, X:504, Y:178
    • In the west-south-west area of The Nightmare Lands, lies The Boneyard.  This is a Heroic area with 45-46 Elites.  First, obtain the Shield Codes off of a dead body lying next to a disabled walker.  The one I found was at X:439, Y:205.  Now head to the datacron at X:504, Y:178.  This appears to be a missle silo, with a shielding over the top.  With your acquired Shield Codes, operate the control panel next to the silo.  The shielding is removed.  Patiently wait for the elevator disk to rise for your use.  Ride it to the bottom, where you will be able to access the datacron.  Then you can take the elevator back to the surface.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 74: Revan and Malak Fall


Has 7 datacrons in total.


★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Corellia (Republic)

Datacron Locations - Corellia (Republic)


★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Corellia (Empire) Patch 1.2 Update!

Datacron Locations - Corellia (Empire) Patch 1.2 Update!

  • Datacron 1:
    • Reward: +4 Presence
    • Location: Government District to Port Pevaria (X:3426, Y:-3210)
    • Start at the north east corner of the Government District (X:3259, Y-3104).  This is the entrance to Port Pevaria which is a Republic quest hub filled with level 49 & 50 mobs.  After carefully making your way thru, head to the east side of the port (X:3512, Y:-3211).  I turned off Run and Sprint and carefully backed my way onto the pipe that is protruding below and east of the deck.  Then you can run west along the pipe under the deck, to the datacron (X:3426, Y:-3210).
    • Patch 1.2 Update video for this datacron here!
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 80: A Return from Exile
  • Datacron 2:
    • Reward: +4 Aim
    • Location: Government District, Coronet Museums (X:3143, Y:-1793)
    • Start at X:3127, Y:-1834.  Run up the twisted beam next to a damaged column.  On the side of the  column in front of you, you'll notice a slow moving shaft on the side.  You'll also notice a glowing, blue explosive on top of the column.
    • When the shaft reaches its low point, jump off the beam onto the top of the shaft.  Ride the shaft to the top of the column and hop off, next to the glowing explosives.  Position yourself between the explosives and a little to the right of the datacron.  Detonate the explosives to propel you over to the datarcron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 78: The Sith Triumvirate
  • Datacron 3:
    • Reward: +4 Cunning
    • Location: Labor Valley, Advanced Product Research Sector, X:-2662, Y:-3116
    • Start at Labor Valley, Manufacturing Power Generation X:-2495, Y:-3080.  Run up the beam and hop onto the awning of the building.  Run/hop on the awning, around the building to the west side.  When the awning ends, you will see a gray pipe that is draped over a beam.  Jump up onto this pipe. At the apex of the gray pipe, look north-west at the beam and plate X:-2609, Y:-3031.  Hop up onto those and head west.  The beam goes over a damaged walkway.  Run/sprint north, down onto the damaged walkway.  Now you would like to get inside.  I turned off Run and Sprint and carefully walked to the south-west corner of the walkway roof, onto the little gray pipes.  Then dropped down onto the bit of walkway flooring.  If you slide onto the outside glass, you can still carefully jump inside.  Now run north, hop up on the crate, and claim the Cunning +4 datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 81: The Battle of Telos Four
  • Datacron 4:
    • Reward: +4 Strength
    • Location: Labor Valley, Central Workforce Habitation
    • Start at X:-2895, Y:-2076. Run up the slanted pipe.  Hop onto the tarp tied to it.  Hop onto the skyhopper that is being moved by the crane.  Ride the skyhopper over to the shelving with the missiles.  Hop down onto the shelving and then into the fenced in area.  Now up a metal beam, onto some containers.  Now onto the vertical lift.  After it rises, jump onto the higher containers and onto the metal decking on top of a building.  Run south a bit, then up a slanted beam.  The datacron is on top of two stacked containers at X:-2754,Y:-2007.
    • Patch 1.2 Update video for this datacron here!
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 82: Darth Traya's Return
  • Datacron 5:
    • Reward: Blue Matrix Shard
    • Location: Labor Valley / Derelict Service Area (X: -2423, Y: -1063)
    • Head to the south east corner of Labor Valley, (X:-2309, Y: -990).  Run thru the holographic door and follow the ramp up and around until you reach the datacron on a large container at the end.  You can run past the mobs and they will de-aggro by the time you reach the datacron.
    • Codex Entry:  Galactic History 62: The Great Sith War Ends
  • Datacron 6:
    • Reward: +4 Willpower
    • There are two locations for this codex; one on the Imperial side and one on the Republic side. Both are/were accessible by both factions, but the reward can only be obtained once.
    • Empire:
    • Location: Incorporation Islands X:-2405, Y:2947
    • Standing at X:-2318, Y:2883 you will come to the edge of a man made cliff.  If you look to your right you should be able to see the datacron on a nearby beam between two pillars.   Rock transports fly from west to east (WE) and east to west (EW).  If you are skilled, you can carefully time your run off the cliff and land onto the EW transport.  Then ride it to the beam and hop off.  When hopping off the transport onto the beam, i found it easier to face north.
    • Another option is to run off the cliff and land on the WE rock transport (which is not as far a drop).  I found it easier to run directly south onto the transport and NOT jump.  Then face west and wait for the EW transport to fly just beneath you.  Run onto the EW transport as it goes by. 
    • If the WE transport reaches the pipe in the wall, before an EW transport happens by, you have two choices.  One is to stay on the WE transport and the game will kindly teleport you back to the cliff.  Another is to jump off the transport, onto the inside of the pipe.  Await an EW transport and jump on when it appears.  This is possible but not reliable.  One bit of good news, falling did not incur any repair costs.
      • To get the Imperial Datacron as a Republic: click here.
    • Republic:
    • (X: 703, Y: 1718) Corellia World Map
    • Map area: Blastfield Shipyards
    • Start at (X:1127, Y:1663, Z:-14) and head west around the small ledge on the building. Jump over the first 3 angled support girders. Run up the 4th one and jump on to the flat girder up on the next level. Take this to the NW corner and jump up on the crane looking thing (X:993, Y:1753). Turn around and jump up on the platform, then the ship. Go on top of the ship and then back to just above where you were on the last crane looking thing. Follow the path to the west and you'll see the datacron at. Continue west, down, around to the left, and back up the angled tram girder. Watch the last angled jump. You don't want to fall at this point!
      • To get the Republic Datacron as an Imperial: click here.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 79: The Conclave at Katarr
  • Datacron 7:
    • Reward: Green Matrix Shard
    • Location:  Axial Park (X:700, Y:-1890)
    • Requires a Magnetically Guided Grappling System (MGGS).  You can buy an MGGS at the vendor on Alderaan in the Kaamos Territory (X:1870, Y:1090). The MGGS costs 10,000 credits and is stored in your inventory.
    • Start at Axial Park (X:412, Y:-1828) and enter the Corellian Museum of Starships.  Turn right and head to the elevator (X:335, Y:-1748).  Take the elevator to the roof and hop on top of the shuttle.  Run out to the tip of the left wing, and hop down onto the top of the wall.  Head east, along the top of the wall, to the corner (X:344, Y:-1789).  Jump down to the awning below and north of you.  Run along, to the awning's north-east corner.  Stand near the wall (X:442, Y:-1822) and look east and up.  On the base of the statue, is a glowing, blue, MGGS target.  With an MGGS in your inventory, you can right click on the MGGS target to bring you up there.  Head south and jump from the building you are on, to the building to the south.  Continuing heading south into the Deserted Thoroughfare.  At the end, you'll find the datacron.
    • Codex Entry:  Galactic History 61: The Brotherhood is Broken.



★ SWTOR ★ - Datacron Location Guide - Ilum (Republic)

Datacron Locations - Ilum (Republic)

  • Datacron 1:
    • Reward: +4 Willpower
    • Location: Eastern Ice Shelf  (X: 304 Y: -1569)
    • Head to the north east corner of the Eastern Ice Shelf, around X:967, Y:-1064.  Here, you can take small hops down the ice to safely reach the ravine floor.   Head west along the bottom of the ravine.  At the end, you will see a cave entrance to the north (X:309, Y:-1348).  Progress thru the short cave. On the ground, in the north west corner of the cave, is the datacron (X:304, Y:-1569). You may also take note of The Crystal Eater (Guid, 50 Champion).  I was able to stay close to the west wall and avoid an altercation.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 87: A Wayward Apprentice
  • Datacron 2:
    • Reward: Yellow Matrix Shard
    • Location: Eastern Ice Shelf, Imperial Base Camp (X:308 Y:-382)
    • The datacron is easily found, inside a guard house directly above the Imperial base. Guarded by a weak Imperial NPC.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 86: The Empire's Revenge
  • Datacron 3:
    • Reward: +4 Endurance
    • Location: Eastern Ice Shelf, Contested Crossraods, in a ravine (X:105, Y:-77).
    • Start at the lifts at (X:221, Y:-109).  Take the lifts to the bottom of the ravine.  Head west and find the datacron at the end of the north (right) branch.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 84: The G0-T0 Coup
  • Datacron 4:
    • Reward: Red Matrix Shard
    • Location: Eastern Ice Shelf (X: 544 Y:543)
    • This datacron is located inside a small domed hut directly above the Republic base. Similar to the Imperial version, it is guarded by a weak 50 Republic NPC.  There isa 50 Republic Elite that raosm the area.
    • For Imperials, suggest you approach this area from the west of the Republic base.  Run up the right side of the entrance to the area on top of the base with the 4x huts.  The left group has the hut with the datacron.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 85: The Purge of the Dark Council
  • Datacron 5:
    • Reward: +4 Aim
    • Location:  Eastern Ice Shelf  (X: 925 Y: 1076)
    • Head to the south east corner of the Eastern Ice Shelf (X:1012, Y:992, see map).  Suggest Republic folks head south, west of the Heroic area, and then travel east.  You will see an uninviting blizzard / exhaustion zone.  Run forward, thru the exhaustion zone, staying to the right edge after you round the promentory.  You will emerge into a clearing with the datacron, after about 12,000 damage.
    • Codex Entry: Galactic History 83: The Republic Rebuilds



Event Datacrons

Dark vs. Light

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