The official insignia of the Imperial 1-13th.


Death's Regiment, also known as the Imperial 1-13th is an Imperial trooper guild on the Ebon-Hawk server.

Their website is located here.

"The Founding"

The history of the 1-13th traces it's roots all the way back to beginning of the Jedi Civil War in 303 BTC. The unit was initially designated as the 13th Slave Regiment, and consisted of over 2,000 slaves collected across the Galaxy by the Sith Empire. During the sacking of Foerost, the Regiment was amongst the first Imperial units to seize the Republic dry-docks and land a crippling blow to the Republic fleet. Despite heavy losses, their ranks would replenished by those that defected. They went on, fighting from Roche to Lannik, engaging in hundreds of skirmishes and boarding party actions against Republic forces. Barely managing to survive the battle of Foless, the Regiment emerged with a staggering 80 percent casualty rate. The battle had proven to be a complete disaster, what was initially believed to be a small garrison of scattered republic troops, had actually been three divisions of Republic elite forces. Dozens of drop ships burned in the sky after being blown apart by punishing anti-aircraft emplacements, and even more forces perished on the surface, trapped and completely surrounded by enemy forces. It was during this conflict that the Regiment earned it's infamous title of being "Death's Regiment."

In the years to come, the Regiment would have it's strength regained, the survivors of Foless rising in the ranks to eventually become veteran commanders, despite still being slaves. Fighting countless battles on end, the men and women of the Regiment prevailed against all odds. Being forced into the heat of battle as the tip of the spear, they proved themselves, constantly fighting for the hopes of freedom or a quick death. During the Dark Wars, the Regiment fought at the second battle of Onderon, their experienced commanders leading them to many successful ambushes and raids on Royalist military targets. Narrowly surviving the Sith civil war, the Regiment emerged once again during the Tingel Arm Campaign. It was here, that they would earn their freedom, that their claim to fame would be made, and where they would prove themselves yet again, against all odds.

The fight for Belkadan, the Regiment's most glorious victory. Eager to test the Belkadan government's military, the Empire sent the Regiment as it's initial shock troops. Despite being out numbered nearly 3 to 1, COL. Vance Karrics, a veteran of the Jedi Civil War, led the Regiment in a series of daring assaults and raids, overwhelming the Belkadan defenses by exploiting their weaknesses. Consistently he used aggressive hit and run tactics, disabling enemy communication centers with small squads of infiltrators before attacking with his main force. A full three days passed, without the Regiment having passed a single transmission to their orbiting fleet. Finally the silence was broken, COL. Karrics announced that the planet had been successfully sacked, and that the principle authorities of the planet officially surrendered.

For their heroic

Troopers of the 1-13th conducting a raid.

actions on Belkadan, and continued service towards the Sith Empire, the 13th Slave Regiment was officially deactivated and the survivors were granted their freedom. COL. Karrics was to reside on Belkadan and serve as Governor of the planet, and emissary of the Sith Empire. To the surprise of his superiors, Karrics refused, arguing that he and his men were best suited for combat, and wished to serve the Empire even still. Although many took the opportunity to gain their freedom, hundreds of others, dedicated to Karrics' cause remained loyal to the regiment. On 28 BTC, the unit was officially re-activated as the 1-13th Special Forces Assault Regiment. COL. Karrics was promptly promoted to the rank of General, and in turn was tasked with not only leading the regiment, but also with training it's soldiers, establishing standards, and creating a professional fighting force, capable of infiltrating enemy lines and conducting small unit raids and ambushes.

-Written by: Aker 21OCT2013

Guild Information

Death's Regiment is an Imperial Aligned Role-Play guild on Ebon-Hawk Server.

Several prominent leaders of the 1-13th.

As a Role Play guild, we feature a guild-story premise and a guild wide plot arc that takes place both in-game and on the forums and we put forth the effort to make it suitable for all different character types and professions. We are a military themed guild of Imperial Loyalists augmented by a Sith force to help aid the Empire in their attempts to seize control of the galaxy and bring all planets under the galactic Imperial rule. We encourage members to participate at a level they are most comfortable with; including RP, 'Mission' Events, Operations, Flashpoints, and casual PvP. Finally, there are no Alt Character restrictions, so there is plenty of questing and leveling to be had.
If Death's Regiment sounds like a guild you may be interested in joining, please read our recruitment policy, and then fill out a Guild Application to begin the recruitment process. If you are from another guild and wish to form a relationship with us, please make a thread in the General Chat or send a PM to any of our available admins. ]
- Written by: Lesatho 08OCT2013

Recruitment Process


"Do you have what it takes?"

Death Regiment's recruitment process is fairly straight forward, which begins by filling out a Guild Application. We ask that all applicants be as detailed as possible in answering questions and prompts because it will be used by the guild and the officers as a basis for membership. Also, due to the level of mature content that takes place within the guild, we ask that all applicants be at least 16 years old, ideally 18. After your application has been approved by three officers within the guild, you will be notified in the same thread as your application and will receive a guild invitation in-game as a candidate.
Once you have settled into the guild, you will be granted full membership after we, as a whole guild, feel as though you would make a good fit within our community. At this time you will promoted from 'Candidate' to the appropriate member status tag. We simply desire to maintain the community we have built up by limiting unnecessary drama from conflicting personalities, and adding players who are interested in the things we like doing.
Here are a few recommendations for becoming a full-fledged member after you've filled out an application:

  • Don't be a dick, asshole, or douche.
  • Actively talk to us via guild chat, the website forums, or Vent.
  • Actually play the game with us, whether it be Flashpoints, PvP, or RP.
  • Generally be around enough so that you're not a stranger to us.

By using this method, final approval is not handled solely by the leadership but emphasizes an overall guild approval through interaction and attitude. If the candidate earns legitimate disapproval rather than approval, whatever issues caused the negative reviews will be addressed and given time to be corrected. If the issues continue though, the candidate will have the reasons why explained to them and be removed from the guild.
Approving Admins are: Aker, Lesatho, CruelSpider, Damry, Vinice, Malunyn, MistahRistah, Mar'eyce and Adrala.
All other member approvals are counted as "vouches".
Now go forth and APPLY!
- Written by: Lesatho 08APR2013