Death Mark: Fa'athra Gang

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Sith Empire Death Mark: Fa'athra Gang
Sith Empire

Level 1 Sith Empire mission

Planet Hutta
Area Jiguuna
Location The Poison Pit
Start Nem'ro Bounty Droid
End Objective Completion

Death Mark: Fa'athra Gang is a level 1 mission available to Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents. It is received by player characters on Hutta by speaking to the Nem'ro Bounty Droid, an astromech unit found inside the Poison Pit cantina in the town of Jiguuna.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A bounty has been put on Fa'athra's gang members by Nem'ro the Hutt.

Defeat the Fa'athra gangsters in Jiguuna to claim the reward.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Death Mark: Fa'athra Gang mission description

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