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Mission Start[]

Nem'ro Bounty Droid
P8-47, a Nem'ro Bounty Droid
Message = meant for everyone // Nem'ro = making generous offer // P8-47 = deliver message or end up in scrap heap
~ Nem'ro Bounty Droid

I am mighty Nem'ro, ruler of Jiguuna. Citizens, hear me--my city is under siege from the craven Fa'athra and his followers! These criminals wage illegal war against me in the streets. Eradicate all of Fa'athra's people who dare to set foot in Jaguuna!
~ Nem'ro the Hutt

Nem'ro = honors all deals // Fa'athra = in violation of Hutt Cartel // Fa'athra = deal breaker // Nem'ro = legitimate claim to Jiguuna
~ Nem'ro Bounty Droid