Deception is one of the three Disciplines availble for the Assassin Advanced Class. It focuses on melee burst damage.

From the murky depths of the Dark Side, the Deception Assassin emerges with a calculated plan. As the Assassin presses the attack, Force Lightning accumulates within their double-bladed lightsaber and cultimates in a massive discharge that can ravage an Assassin's opponent before they even know what hit them.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Surging Charge 1.5s Consumes all your available Force to charge your lightsaber with raw surging force, giving your melee attacks 50% chance to deal [x] internal damage and built 1 static charge. Static Charge stacks up to 3 times and increases the damage dealt by your next Discharge. This effect can not occur more than one every 6 seconds. Requires a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff. Does not break stealth. Replaces Lightning Charge.
26 Voltaic Slash 4m Strikes the target twice, dealing [x] weapon damage with each hit. Each use of this ability builds Voltage, which gives Shock and Ball Lightning a 50% chance to automaticly trigger your Surging Charge off its normal rate limit. Stacks up to two times. Requires a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff. Replaces Thrash.
41 Low Slash 4m 15s Slashes the target low, dealing [x] weapon damage and incapacitating the target for 4 seconds. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely. Requires a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff.
57 Ball Lightning 10m 6s Blasts the target with a ball of lightning for [x] energy damage. Standard and weak enemies are additionally stunned for 3 seconds. Replaces Shock.
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