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The Deference was a Pythar-class shuttle used by the Imperial scientist during the Great Galactic War.


During the Great Galactic War, the scientist updated the defenses of The Emperor’s Space Station. In 3,665 BBY, the scientist was piloting the Deference in the Hoth system when it was shot down during the Battle of Hoth. The scientist died when the Deference crashed into a cave system in the Highmount Ridge region. Imperial Intelligence recorded the crash, but the Empire made no attempt to recover the vessel.

Twenty three years later in 3,642 BBY, the Republic Strategic Information Service raided an Imperial Intelligence instalation and learned of the Deference's existence, and the SIS notified the Jedi Master Tol Braga, who was working on a plan to capture the Sith Emperor. Braga then sent Jedi Knight Leeha Narezz to Hoth to recover the Deference so that he could learn from the schematics for the Emperor's space station. However, the White Maw Pirates discovered the wreck before Narezz could find it, and they stole the shuttle's databanks but they missed the decryption file, leaving them unable to decipher the information.

An Imperial salvage team working on Hoth soon came across the Deference and began to recover the shuttle, they were however, interrupted by the arrival of Narezz and the Jedi Knight. The Imperial Guard attempted to capture the two Jedi in the caves. This attempt on the Jedi failed, when Republic Military sergeant Fideltin Rusk and his crack squad neutralised the guardsmen. Narezz and his team searched the shuttle for the files, only to find that the databank was gone. After questioning an Imperial technician named Urrisov who had been captured during the fight, the Jedi and Republic Troopers learned of the White Maw's acquisition of the databank.


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