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Derrin Weller
Derrin Weller.png
Derrin Weller

Silver.png Level 3 Ranged NPC (Strong)

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Health: 310
Planet: Tython
Region: Masters' Retreat
Location: [-642, -1280]

Derrin Weller is a human Jedi located within the Masters' Retreat on the planet Tython. Weller greets Jedi Knights when they first arrive on the planet.


Derrin Weller greets Jedi Knights player characters upon their arrival to Tython. Weller's introduction is interrupted, however, when he receives an emergency transmission from Padawan Unaw Aharo. Flesh Raiders, members of Tython's only native sentient species, have invaded the Jedi training grounds known as the Gnarls. Weller sends player characters to help overcome the attack.[1]

When Weller joins the fighting himself, he suffers a blaster injury serious enough to pull him from the battle. Before being taken by the medics, he sends player characters on one final task: located the caves used by the invaders to access the Gnarls and seal the passage.[1]

Mission objective
Republic.png Icon class jediknight.png [1] Attack of the Flesh Raiders


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