Desolator (superweapon)

The Desolator was a superweapon built and used by the Sith Empire during the Cold War. The device forms part of the Jedi Knight Storyline.


The Desolator was conceived in the mind of the cunning Sith Lord Tarnis by combining the technologies of the Planet Prison, Shock Drum and Death Mark Laser, all of them superweapons projects stolen from the Republic. The Desolator was a ship-mounted weapon designed to destroy a planet. Built by the Sith Lord Darth Angral during the Cold War, the weapon was the center peice of his plan to take revenge on the Jedi Knight who had killed his son, who turned out to be Tarnis, the weapons original creator. The Desolator's first and only successful test of its capabilities was on the planet Uphrades, but when Angral directed his flagship Oppressor to the Jedi homeworld of Tython the weapon's short lived reign of terror came to an explosive end, when the Jedi Knight and his Padawan Kira Carsen boarded the dreadnought and stuck down Angral. The technology would later be salvaged by Imperial engineers, and give birth to the Firestorm Turbolaser.


"For years, the enemy infiltrator posing as Doctor Tarnis oversaw the Republic’s secret superweapon projects. The devious Sith scientist used his extraordinary knowledge and the Republic’s vast resources to develop a series of powerful weapons that could turn the tide of any future war. What the Republic did not realize is that these weapons could be combined into a far more deadly device. Before his death, Tarnis transmitted the complete schematics of all his work to his father, legendary Sith Lord Darth Angral. Copies of these records were recovered on Ord Mantell under the code name “Desolator,” along with an affectionate series of messages between father and son. Whatever their evils, the Sith feel family bonds as acutely as anyone."
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Desolator Uphrades

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