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Desperate Times

Level 4 mission
Smuggler Class Mission

Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Area [[Drelliad Village]]
Start Corso Riggs
End Viidu

Mission Chain


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Desperate Times is a level 4 mission available to Smugglers. It is obtained on Ord Mantell, following the theft of the player's ship by Skavak. This mission is part of the Smuggler class story line, and takes players from Drelliad Village to Fort Garnik.


A shipment of blasters intended for delivery to Rogun the Butcher has been stolen by Skavak, along with the starship the weapons arrived on. Skavak's former employer, a man in Fort Garnik named Viidu, will be upset to hear of Skavak's relations with the separatists, and will aide in the recovery of both the blasters and the ship.


You delivered a shipment of blasters to Ord Mantell, only to be betrayed by Skavak, one of your contacts. Skavak stole your ship and the blaster shipment for the separatists. Fortunately, Corso Riggs's employer, a man named Viidu, can help you find Skavak.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Desperate Times mission description



Notable quotes[]

The blasters Skavak stole in your ship belong to Rogun the Butcher. As employers go, he's not the most forgiving."

"He's killed enough people to fill a convoy of bulk freighters, and now we've crossed him. Rogun bought those blasters to protect his business from separatists. When he finds out what's happened, guess who dies first? The only way we're getting out of this alive is finding Skavak, your ship and those stolen blasters

~ Viidu

I've got an idea where to start looking for Skavak. There's a guy named Reki who's an expert on separatists. Problem is, Reki's stuck behind a Republic blockade. Troops have his village surrounded while they "contain" the separatists there."

"Separatists have sympathizers in every village, helping them hold towns they take over. Traitors. I'm friendly with the Republic commander in charge of he blockade. I can get you in and out of the village. But you'll have to earn that free pass by taking out a few separatists to prove your loyalty. You up for that?

~ Viidu

Reki's village is running out of basic supplies thanks to the Republic blockade. Things are getting desperate in there. I'll put together a survival kit. You smuggle it to Reki, and he'll tell you a way to find Skavak.
~ Viidu

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