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Destroying the War Droids

Level 10 mission
Trooper Class Mission

Planet [[Coruscant]]
Area [[Senate Tower]]
Start [[General Garza]]
End [[General Garza]]
Previous Galactic Republic Icon class trooper.png [10] The Coruscant Assignment
Next Galactic Republic Icon class trooper.png [12] The Black Sun's Poison

Destroying the War Droids is a level 10 Trooper class mission. It is obtained on Coruscant by speaking with General Garza in the Senate Tower.


General Garza has ordered you to destroy a shipment of war droids that the Havoc Squad traitors purchased from the Migrant Merchants' Guild, a criminal organization on Coruscant.

Corporal Garrum, a SpecForce soldier who has been observing the Migrant Merchants' Guild's activities, is waiting to rendezvous with you and provide more details. Meet with Corporal Garrum in the old Galactic Market Concourse to proceed with your mission.''

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Destroying the War Droids mission description


  • Speak to Corporal Garrum
  • Destroy the War Droid Containers
  • Destroy the War Droids (10x War Droid Sentry)
  • Disable Krel's Security Field
  • Confront Krel
  • Defeat Krel
  • Destroy the Guard Droids
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Locate the Cyborgs
  • Choice: Let the cyborgs go
  • Light Side Icon.png +100 "Goodbye." or "Don't make me regret this."
  • Choice: Kill the cyborgs
  • Dark Side Icon.png +100 "Nope. [Drain air from lab]" or "Too bad. [Drain air from lab]" or "Home? Not likely. [Kill them]"
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Return to General Garza


  • Credit.png 120
  • 2510 XP
  • Select One Reward:

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