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Diab Duin

Diab Duin

Species Sullustan
Gender Male

Diab Duin is a Sullustan Galactic Republic diplomat.


Few in the Old Republic know of Aeten II, a small mining world in the Outer Rim territories. But when prospectors discovered immense seams of stygium crystals, invaluable both for shipbuilding and in lightsaber construction, the Supreme Chancellor decided to play down the discovery, fearing Imperial spies. He chose a representative for Aeten II who would never, ever talk: Diab Duin.

Duin is a dour man of few words, always convinced the galaxy is one step away from utter disaster and any success is only forestalling the inevitable. If he can be persuaded that things just might be all right the end, Duin is often possessed of remarkable insight, but getting through his glum exterior is never easy. People often make the mistake of ignoring Duin as a pessimistic bureaucrat, only to be surprised when he proves himself to be more independent and thoughtful than anyone expected.

Duin is married with two children.

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