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Directive 7


"Directive 7" is an endgame Flashpoint, available to both the Empire and the Republic.


Republic characters may acquire the quest granting access into this instance from P-2XN (Level 45 Droid) on Carrick Station (Republic). He is located in the Galactic Market.

Imperial characters may acquire the quest granting access into this instance from K-4NV (Level 45 Droid) on Vaiken Spacedock (Imperial). He is located in the Galactic Market.


"Mutinous droids on a remote moon develop a technology that could lead to massive destruction for both the Republic and the Empire. Your team must shut down the rebellion before it’s too late."


Immediate Vengeance / Violent Uprisings[]

  • Complete Flashpoint: Directive 7

[GROUP] Flashpoint: Directive 7[]

  • Shuttle to Zadd and Complete the Flashpoint

[FLASHPOINT] Directive 7[]

  • Disable the Anti-Aircraft Sensor Array
  • Infiltrate the Factory
  • Destroy the Missile Cache
  • Talk to C5-M3
  • Defeat the Assassin Droids
  • Enter the Laboratory
  • Defeat Interrogator
  • Override the Core Security Controls
  • Defeat Bulwark
  • Enter Central Processing
  • Defeat Mentor
  • Escape!

Orbital Interference (Bonus)[]

  • Destroy the Signal Transceivers (5)
  • Destroy the Thermal Sensors (8)

Means of Production (Bonus)[]

  • Stage 1: Destroy the Droids (50)
  • Stage 2: Destroy the Droids (50)
  • Stage 3: Destroy Replicator Notes (8)
  • Stage 4: Destroy the Replicator


Detector (Miniboss)[]

Detector is the first miniboss in Directive 7 with 93955 HP. It initially spawns two Automated Defense Turrets that must be taken out by the DPS while the tank holds threat. Once the two spawns have been taken down players do not need to worry about any additional abilities from Detector.

Mentor Assassin Droids[]

The first boss is a group of three assassin droids. The fight begins with the droid in the center, Mentor Assassin Beta, and a bodyguard on each side. During the fight, 2 of the 3 droids will have a shield and the group must focus fire on the droid without a shield. The shields will rotate, and the group has to be sure to swtich off of a droid when it gets its shield and attack the one without.


Interrogator will occasionally raise a shield and release a clone of one or more party members. The DPS should focus on taking these down when they spawn, but otherwise treat this as a standard fight.


Bulwark is a large boss with two major abilities: Bulwark Smash and Bulwark Shield. The team should split into two groups, one in front of each diamond shaped panel next to Bulwark. During the fight, Bulwark will raise Bulwark Shield, which deals AOE damage (Shielded Attack) until disabled. Disable the blue glowing panel just under each Diamond panel, and the Shield will drop. The tank should be aware of Bulwark Smash, which knocks and stuns whoever it hits. Bulwark Repair Droids will spawn during the fight, they must be destroyed to prevent Bulwark from bringing its shield back up.


Assembler is a boss with only one special Ability: Repair Mode, and spawns with two Modified Turbolasers. Its Repair Mode applies a small Heal over Time to itself or the two Modified Turbolaser companions.

Replicator (Bonus)[]

Replicator is an Elite boss that splits into smaller copies of itself as it is damaged. Between 100 and 75% health, There is one Replicator which cannot be Stun/Interrupt/Knocked, but only has a Melee attack. At 75%, it activates Replicate, which spawns 3 Replicators which are no longer immune to CC, but have a stacking energy beam attack which can quickly defeat whoever they focus on. Focus down each Replicator, one at a time, until it Replicates, then switch bosses. Mob versions of Replicator will spawn after the second use of Replicate, and these should be ignored until all three Replicators have been focused down.


The Mentor Boss has a large number of moving parts: Mentor itself (The large Mainframe in the center of the room), four Cores in the NW, NE, SW, SE corners of the room, Mentor Core Guardian, two Turbolaser Capacitors, and Mentor's Claw.

Phase 1[]

Begin by choosing one of two Turbolaser Capacitors and focusing it down, keeping the party out of the line of sight of the other Turbolaser Capacitor, then kill the second Turbolaser Capacitor. At this point, one of the cores will overheat, which one party member needs to activate to destroy. Each core will have two Core Defense Turret mobs, which can't interrupt, so feel free to ignore them for the seconds it takes to destroy the core.

Phase 2[]

As soon as both Turbolaser Capacitors are destroyed, the Mentor Core Guardian will spawn, which the Tank, Healer, and one of the DPS should focus on, while the other DPS destroys two more cores as they overheat. Mentor will also launch missiles once the Mentor Core Guardian spawns, so be sure to avoid those.

Phase 3[]

Once Mentor Core Guardian is defeated, a new set of Turbolaser Capacitors will spawn, and the last core will overheat. Destroy the last core, and focus down the Turbolaser Capacitors, then destroy Mentor, avoiding missiles and Mentor's claw.

Non-Player Characters[]


  • Moff Jiak
  • C5-M3


  • Automated Defense Turret
  • Detector
  • Liberated Security Droid
  • Integrated Assault Unit
  • Mentor Assassin Theta
  • Mentor Assassin Beta
  • Mentor Assassin Zeta

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