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The Dragonfly Dropship or D29-Assualt Dropship was a transport used by the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War for invasions and quick insertions (similiar in purpose to the "Higgins boat" used namely during World War 2. The bounty hunter Vrath Xizor used one named the Razor, as his personal starship.


The Dragonfly was built specifically for the military branch's of the Sith Empire by the Engineering corp. Its purpose was to provide a fast and protected way to insert the largest number of troops in a hostile location in the shortest amount of time. Its size is in its length as it utilizes a very sleek and thin design. This allows for the shuttle to approach enemy defenses head on and reveal extremely little target-able surface area on its hull. The Dragonfly is often quoted by its pilots to 'Fly the like a brick, hit like a brick' the meaning being due to its lack of stabilizer wings its agility during flight is minimal but on the other hand its features allow it to hit enemy defenses and drop troops where they will cause the most damage.

The Cockpit has Two seating positions, one for the pilot the other for the navigator/gunner (there isn't much use for a navigate normally therefore they act as the gunner). The cockpit itself is armored and can sustain up to two direct anti aircraft turbo laser blasts (if the shields are faced forward at full strength) the ship often has a roof mounted laser battery (primarily to destroy enemyfighters). the front of the ship is known to have multiple optional attachments from rockets to laser Gatling guns.

The main compartment of the ship, the passenger bay is normally designed with seating down the sides of the bay with room for up to 20 Standard imperial troopers (if 4 of them stand).


The imperial military doctrine states that the Dragonfly should be launched from under best conditions a half a mile or more away, this is to allow travel time to put the ship on the correct trajectory and height from the ground (landings often take place with shuttles gliding low over the ground to avoid the worst AA fire)

once the shuttle is One Minute away the Ships Pilot must turn the passenger bay light Red. Once red the commanding officer must stand and instruct troops to stand and face the exit ramp. At the 30 second mark the light will turn amber, (commanding officers often give speeches at this time) the ship will often jerk suddenly despite the inertial dampeners, this is due to it doing a sharp turn to make the exit ramp face the enemy and the direction the troops need to go. The ramp will drop at which point the light will turn green and the troops can disembark two by two.

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