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Dread Master Bestia
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"Perhaps the most powerful of the Dread Masters, Bestia first made a name for herself when, as a Sith apprentice, she singlehandedly crushed a slave rebellion on Ziost. This accomplishment brought her to the attention of the Emperor, who invited her to join a group of Sith to study the ancient and powerful Phobis devices. These Sith would become the Dread Masters. Bestia was the Dread Master responsible for bringing the Masters’ prophecies and insights to the Emperor’s attention whenever necessary, and also for ensuring the Emperor’s commands were carried out. Having learned of the Emperor’s fate, she now harbors great contempt for the Empire. And with the loss of Dread Master Styrak, Bestia has become all the more spiteful. She would gladly see the galaxy crumble, even if the Dread Masters were to go with it."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Dread Master Bestia is the first boss in the second of the two the newly added operations, the Dread Palace


Story Mode

In the initial stage of the fight, Bestia has a barrier around herself. She is immune to all damaging abilities while it is active. When you start the battle, she will summon a number of enemies, comprised of weaker Dread Larva and much stronger Dread Monsters. Tanks should take the Monsters while DPS players kill the larvas quickly, and then assist tanks with the Monsters. You have approximately 4 minutes to kill the enemies before Bestia becomes active and attacks the group. Bestia herself is a fairly easy enemy, but tanks may have to alternate on whom taunts her, to ensure healers are not constantly occupied on them alone. However, raids should focus to avoid Bestia's two AoE attacks, which can do substantial damage.

After Bestia's health has dropped below 50%, she will summon more enemies in waves to her aid, one larva and one monster per wave. Once again, tanks are to eliminate the monsters and DPS eliminates the larva. Waves will stop entering eventually. Upon Bestia's defeat, the adds shall also wipe, regardless of their current HP.

Hard Mode

On Hard Mode, enemies will be more troublesome. If Dread Monsters are close to each other, they will gain a buff that stacks to increase their power, or if they are close to Bestia, they become immune to taunts. At the start, tanks should take a separate Monster and keep them away from each other. DPS first kills the larva and take out the Monsters fast, before next wave appears. There will be total of 3 waves. Also, there is a new enemy, a tentacle, that can one-shot players. At least 1 DPS needs to be on the tentacles at all times.

Bestia also has one new feature in HM. Much like Kel'sara in the second boss encounter during Terror From Beyond, she will now inflict a stacking debuff, which increases the damage her direct attacks will inflict. Tanks need to swap in about 5 stacks. Tanks must stay alert during the final phase, as they must swap on Bestia, and her Dread Monsters as well.

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