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"The Dread Masters are not only masters of fear, but of prophecy, and Calphayus has greater insight into the future than any of his fellow Masters. For centuries, his visions of what might come to pass spared the Sith Empire from slave rebellions, Republic ambushes and internal disruptions many times over. As Calphayus sees the threads of many futures that might come to pass at any one time, it can be difficult for most to comprehend his insights. However, one certainty that always emerges from Calphayus’ visions is that the Dread Masters will ultimately reign supreme."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Dread Master Calphayus is the third boss in Operation: The Dread Palace.


Story Mode

Calphayus can be considered as the puzzle boss of Dread Palace. Battle has 3 actual phases and a transition phase, which happens at the start of the battle and between each phase. Before you begin, divide the ops group into 2 four-man groups (8-man groups in 16-man), so that both groups have same role composition. First group is the past group, second is the future group. Transition phase is mainly tank & spank, but during it a random player receives a red circle debuff on himself. Any player inside the circle will have their movement slowed drastically and take damage. Player with the circle needs to move away from group. When Calpahyus health drops below 80%, phase 1 begins. Past group goes to the blue portal (left), future group to orange portal (right).

Phase 1

Past and future groups have different tasks in each phase:

Past: Past group needs to locate a green crystal seed and protect it from additional enemies that spawn in order to destroy it. If the seed is destroyed, it's an instant wipe. Tank takes Calpahuys' attention, so that DPS can kill the adds destroying the seed. Focus on Despoilers, since they only attack the seed. Healer should not only heal the group, but alsso the seed. Sage's/Sorcerers' can also use Force Armor/Static Barrier on the seed to give it additional protection. At certain point, the seed starts to glow and float. Then, one player takes the seed and goes to plant it on a glowing spot. Spots are located in the corners of the area and one behind the throne. After the planting is complete, both teams are returned to the starting area.

Future: Future teams task in this phase is to just stay alive. You'll fight Calphayus himself and at times, a Dread Defiler add spawns and starts to cast Mass Affliction. This causes a debuff of heavy perioidical damage, which is very difficult to heal. Kill Defilers before their casting is done to ensure survival. When Past team has completed their task, Future team is also brought back to starting area. Next, you'll fight Calphayus like you did at the start. When Calphayus health drops below 50%, phase 2 starts. Take portals the same way like before.

Phase 2

Past: In this phase, Past team must find and destroy a crystal with circle below it. You'll find the crystal in one of the four fountains in the area. Calphayus is attempting to destroy that crystal in the future. When the circled crystal appears, you have 30 seconds to destroy it. If you fail, it's an instant wipe. Future team can help the past team by telling, where the crystal is. This happens 3 times, and each crystal must be destroyed in a different fountain.

Future: In this phase Future team must kill Calpahyus. He will attempt to use Dark Empowerment to destroy a crystal that Past team needs to destroy. While channeling Dark Empowerment, he puts a barrier around himself that reduces damage heavily. When Past team destroys the crystal, Calpahyus' becomes incapacitated for 10 seconds. Follow this pattern, and Calphayus dies eventually. After he dies, you'll be returned to the starting area. After that it's transition phase again. Phase 3 starts, when Calphayus' health drops below 20%.

Phase 3

For the last phase, the whole group, except one Tank and Healer, goes to the future. Calphayus must be killed there. However, he has a barrier around himself which makes him immune to all damage. To get the barrier off, one Tank and Healer goes to the past and collect a holocron. The holocron carrier will have his/her speed drastically reduced and take damage over time. Healer will keep the carrier alive. The carrier needs to take the holocron to the starting area, and place it on one of the altars next to the throne. It's critical that players in future know, which side the holocron is placed. Once the holocron is placed, a yellow circle will appear in the future. Calphayus must be inside that circle before it disappears. It will dispel the barrier and incapacitate Calphayus, making him an easy target to nuke. Repeat this until he's dead. You can place the holocron to the same altar unlimited times.

Hard Mode

On Hard Mode the battle goes the same way, but as usual, there are new things. On transition phase Calphayus has a new trick called Inevitability. This abilitty causes a debuff on all players in an 180 degree arc in front of him. This debuff causes players to be instantly killed, if they take even 1 point of damage. Only main Tank can be in front of him, and off-Tank taunts him after the cast.

Phase 1

On phase 1 Past team does the same as in Story mode, but they are unable to tell, where to plant the seed. Instead, Future team must tell it. There's a tree in one of the spots in the future. The Past team must plant the seed on the corresponding spot, where the tree in future is. Also, for phase 2, the Past team needs to go to the future and vice versa. If not, you die.

Phase 2

Like in phase 1, Past team can't see which crystal they must destroy. Once again, Future team needs to tell it. The easiest way to tell it is to imagine the fountains as clocks. Once you know the fountain, tell the past team the hour, where the crystal they must destroy is.

Phase 3

In phase 3 you can plant the holocron only twice, and on a different platform each time. If Calphayus isn't dead after the effect of the second planting has ended, you will fail.

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