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"If one Dread Master embodies the group’s collective voice, it’s Raptus. Darkly eloquent and persuasive, he is known for manipulating through words, convincing others to lose all sense of hope or reason, or to even act against their very natures. While the captured Dread Masters were in transit to Belsavis, Raptus compelled a trio of hardened Republic soldiers to end their own lives by simply talking to them. Raptus is the one Dread Master most likely to address outsiders. With his coldly arrogant demeanor, he doesn’t suffer fools for long; those who do not kneel or offer a gift to the Dread Masters will quickly be taught a harsh lesson in manners."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Dread Master Raptus is the fourth boss in Operation: The Dread Palace.


Story Mode

First of all, the battle doesn't take place in the room where you find Raptus. After he has lost 5% of his health, you will teleported to the actual battlefield. Here, you must first take a curse from the altar. There are 3 curse crystals: purple, green and orange. Tanks take purple curse, Healers take green curse and DPS take orange curse. Each curse raises one property and reduces another. Purple increases damage reduction and reduces threat generation. Green increases healing dealt and lowers max health. Orange increases Tech and Force Power and lowers damage reduction. Once curses are set, Raptus will attack you. Main Tank needs to keep Raptus away from group, since he has a lot of AOE-attacks. They also follow his target, if he moves. Damage him with everything. When his health reaches approximate of 75%, he will begin group challenges. He will personally challenge the other Tank, while the rest of the group needs to go through a portal with their role symbol. You need to have a curse on in order to enter. Personally challenged Tank needs to stay in the battle area and kite Raptus around. He spins continuously during this phase. Keep your distance.

Challenges are different for each role:

  • Tank: Tanks need only to stay alive, as the foe in the middle causes shockwaves that constantly deal low damage. Use damage reduction abilities if necessary. Challenge fails if Tanks die.
  • Healer: Healers need to heal the captive here as he loses health all the time. If he dies, challenge fails.
  • DPS: DPS need to kill the foe fast. Too slow, and you fail.

If you fail a challenge, Raptus becomes stronger, depending which challenges failed. Losing Tank challenge increases his damage reduction, losing healer challenge increases his defenses further and losing DPS challenge increases his damage.

After first challenges you need to fight Raptus and stay alive. Then you will need to take curses again and prepare for the next challenges. In this phase Raptus takes new abilities for use: Deadly Slash and Rising Slash. Deadly Slash causes damage in a 180 degree arc in front of him and serious knockback. Try to go behind him when he channels it, or make sure you aren't near the edges of the area. Rising Slash throws his target high into the air along with damage. It can also throw you out from the area, if you are badly positioned. Finally, he can send a random group member to the area entrance. Watch out for the holes on the bridge there. Keep fighting him, until challenges start again.

After these challenges are done, Raptus takes one new trick for use: Force Execution. This ability generates lightning strike in an area around him and in direct cones in front and behind him. Tanks have to make sure he isn't facing the group, because the cones follow main Tank. In this phase he uses all his tricks. All you can do is to nuke him down and stay away from his AOE-abilities.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode has few changes to Story Mode.

When challenges begin, Raptus personally challenges a random DPS instead of a Tank. Also, both Tanks are needed in the Tank challenge, because the shockwaves deal twice as much damage, but it splits between Tanks, if they are in challenge together. And with one less DPS in DPS challenge, its critical to take out the foe there quickly. The foe also uses a channeling ability near-death, which restores his HP. Interrupt it to prevent this.

Raptus deals a lot more damage on Hard Mode, so don't make the fight into a DPS race. It's more critical to stay alive, so if any DPS can provide off-healing, they should do it when needed. Raptus has actually only one enhanced ability: Force Execution: It does the same things like in Story Mode, but this time it also leaves a red circle after its use. Lightning will strike the circle for about 5 seconds after Execution, and deals heavy damage. Avoid the circle until it wears out.

Positioning is extremely important on Hard Mode. An optimal position is to have Raptus in front of the altar so that he is facing left or right from the altar. This way the group can stay on the altar without the need to move too much, and ranged DPS and Healers can take advantages of their curses even after the challenges. But overall this battle is very hard on Hard Mode due to its unpredictable nature.

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