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"One of the most perceptive Dread Masters, Tyrans is never one to act without a plan in place. “Speak little and listen much” is his creed; he prefers to take measure of his opponents before he engages them, employing complex strategies to take advantage of their weaknesses. One of Tyrans’ favored tactics is to use his insights to set his enemies at each other’s throats. Tyrans was largely responsible for the design of the Dread Fortress, ensuring that the complex would provide maximum security–not that he’s afraid of a straightforward confrontation. As with the other Dread Masters, Tyrans is a formidable foe who will gladly display his impressive mastery of the dark side of the Force when needed."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Dread Master Tyrans is the second boss in the Operation: The Dread Palace.


Story Mode

You will be fighting in a room that has a hanging platform with hole in the middle. Dropping down from the platform will cause instant death in 10 minutes after fall, if you don't use the holocron in the middle. It will teleport you back to the platform.

Before starting the battle, you'd better position yourself. The platform consists several small square sections that play a pivotal role in this fight. Make sure ranged DPS and Healers are far enough from Tanks and melee DPS.

Tyrans doesn't move by walking. He instantly teleports to that section in which his target currently is standing on. Tanks need to tank him so that he doesn't face towards other players. His Thundering Blast can be deadly, and it will damage anyone in its wake. Also, his Affliction can't be cleansed. This can make Healers job tough. After a while he will use ability called Simplification on the Tank and one random player. Simplification causes a red shrinking circle on the target. When it disappears, it will cause the section, where the target was standing at that moment, to disappear after few seconds. This is also why the group should be spread around to make sure that you remove sections that don't disturb you too much. Tanks need to swap during every Simplification

A little while after Simplification, Tyrans uses Inferno on a random player. Inferno causes a small red circle into that targets feet, which then bursts into flames. This flame is extremely deadly, but you can control where you place it. Inferno first leaves a debuff on the target. When the debuff runs out, the circle will appear. So the player has some time to take the Inferno to a place where it won't cause trouble.

There is no enrage timer on this boss, because of the Simplification. If you can't defeat the boss after last platform section has disappeared, you'll lose instantly.

Hard Mode

On hard mode battle follows the same pattern, but the hanging platform is different. It now has 2 holes. Also, Simplification will now target a Tank and 2 random players. Finally, Inferno will now target 4 random players, but the mechanic remains the same.

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