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Dread Masters
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"The Dread Masters are powerful Sith Lords who have served the Sith Emperor for centuries as prophets, generals and advisors. Their name was earned when they studied the power of the Phobis devices, artifacts that have driven even the most depraved Sith mad with terror. This power allowed the Dread Masters to destroy entire Republic fleets during the Great War, until they were captured and imprisoned on Belsavis. The Dread Masters were known to spend years in secluded meditation on Dromund Kaas, emerging only to bring their wisdom to the Emperor or accept gifts from supplicants. Over the decades, they have become inseparable, their immense strength in the Force coming only from all six masters working in unison. Should the Empire ever succeed in freeing them from Belsavis, the galaxy will tremble before them again."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Dread Masters are a group of six powerful Sith Lords, who have great powers with the dark side of the Force. They can use their powers to terrify entire armies. They were also favored servants to the Sith Emperor. During the First Great War, the Dread Masters were captured by the Republic, but they were unable to turn or kill them. Instead, the Republic imprisoned them on Belsavis. At the beginning of the Second Great War, the Empire discovered Belsavis and freed the Dread Masters. Shortly after their release, they went rogue, and began to create their own empire of fear and terror, thus becoming a dreadful enemy for both the Republic and the Empire.

Known Dread Masters

The Dread Masters are the following;

Operation Strategy

Story Mode

Although you defeated all the six masters, you'll have to fight them again. This time they are together, and each master has different way of fighting.

Phase 1

You'll find masters Bestia, Tyrans, Calphayus and Raptus on their thrones. Each master fights differently, and it's important to know how.

  • Bestia: Bestia fights more with close combat, but she will also push her target a long distance. Make sure your back isn't facing the edge of the arena, or you'll fall down. If you don't die from the fall, you can get back up by using the holocron in the middle, but it's preferred that you don't fall. Also, she has a corruption aura that doubles the damage of other Masters that are close to her. So keep her away from other Masters. A Tank is needed on her.
  • Calphayus: Calphayus also does close combat, but he also continually drops red circles that halves the healing players receive while standing on them. Circles also strengthen him. He also has a shield around him, which reflects all ranged attacks done outside it. A Tank is needed to kite him around so that the circles aren't hampering you.
  • Raptus: Raptus uses the Deadly Slash and spinning attack he used during the personal encounter with him. Since Tanks are needed on Bestia and Calphayus, one DPS needs to kite him, until Tank on Bestia can relieve him. Deadly Slash must be directed so that it doesn't strike the rest of the group.
  • Tyrans: Tyrans teleports to random corners of the arena and is the only one to utilize ranged attacks, such as Thundering Blast. He has random aggro table, which makes tanking him impossible. He also casts Death Marks on 4 random group members. They must be cleansed, or targets will suffer heavy damage. Each Death Mark has a different debuff symbol to tell which came first and so on. At least one DPS must be on Tyrans all the time to tell, when Death Marks are coming.

Start the battle by attacking Bestia and nuke her down. Calphayus comes down next. Tank takes him and kites him around the southeastern corner. Raptus comes third. DPS goes to kite him and ensures he doesn't slash people. Tyrans comes down last.

When the Masters health has dropped below 50%, they will retreat to their throne to recuperate. During this time they won't harm you, but you have to reduce all other Masters to 50% in 200 seconds, or otherwise they will return. Nuke Bestia first, so that the Tank on her can relieve the DPS on Raptus. Once all four Masters have retreated, phase 2 will start.

Phase 2

In phase 2 you'll get a visit from two old friends: Dread Masters Brontes and Styrak! Brontes is somewhat like she was on her encounter on Dread Fortress and Styrak rides his pet Kell Dragon from Scum and Villainy. Kill Styrak first, but the Tank on him needs to go to his throne and click the crystal on top of it. This will cause Styrak to become totally focused on the Tank, and he no longer needs to be taunted. Either a DPS or Healer does the same on Brontes' throne, otherwise she will start one-shot players, when her health drops below 40%. While killing Styrak, try to move him close to Brontes so that you can cause some AOE damage on both of them. Brontes teleports around like Tyrans, so Tank on her needs to keep track on her. When Styrak is dead, nuke Brontes. When she reaches 25% health, she teleports to the middle of the arena and uses Overcharged Beam, that functions like in Dread Fortress: one hit from the beam causes instant death. Get the group behind her and nuke her down. You need to defeat both Masters fast, before the other four Masters return to the battle. When Brontes is dead, get ready for phase 3.

Phase 3

Phase 3 functions the same way like phase 1, but it's wise to get the crystals from Raptus' and Tyrans' thrones. When one of the Masters health has reached 15%, phase 4 starts.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is a total nuke phase. All four Masters starts channeling the Dread Holocron in the middle. During this they start to inflict a stacking buff on themselves. The more stacks there are, the more damage you take. All four masters must die before the stacks overwhelm you. Kill the one with lowest health first. The less masters there are, the slower the stacks are inflicted.

One final note: don't rush this fight, as there's no enrage timer.

Hard Mode

On hard mode you'll need very good coordination. Even a slightest mistake in this fight can be fatal.

Phase 1

The goal of this phase is same as in Story Mode: get all four masters health below 50%. But after one Master has retreated, you now have only 40 seconds to defeat the other 3 to start phase 2. So you need to defeat all four Masters approximately at the same time. To succeed in this, you need to decide, which group member is on which Master. You'll need Tanks on Bestia and Calphayus. One DPS must be on Calphayus and Tyrans all the time and one DPS must kite Raptus. The unassigned DPS provides whatever support he/she can. Tanks will have no time to handle Raptus. First, get all four Masters' health to around 55%, then nuke them down one by one.

This phase has 1 new mechanic: Tankswap between Bestia and Calphayus. Bestia now inflicts a Corruption debuff that stacks. When you reach 6 stacks, you'll die instantly. Tanks need to swap after Bestia has pushed the Tank two times. Tank should have around 4 stacks at this point. Also, tank Bestia in a place where she can't push you over the edge. The pillars near the entrance works well.

Phase 2

Phase 2 has no new mechanics, but you'll need to defeat Brontes and Styrak faster than in Story Mode.

Phase 3

In phase 3 you need to do the same like in phase 1, but tankswap is no longer needed, because Bestia no longer does the Corruption debuff. IMPORTANT!! During this phase Calphayus' health mustn't drop below 30%, otherwise he causes an instant wipe.

Phase 4

What there is to say? Nuke the Masters!! Lowest health first, highest last. But they will now inflict stacks much faster. Healers should completely ignore healing Tanks and heal only DPS. Save your defensive and offensive cooldowns for this phase.


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