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"One of the Sith Emperor’s mightiest weapons in the Great War was also one of his oldest: six ancient Sith Lords known as the Dread Masters who had served the Emperor for centuries. Meditating in unison, they could inflict crippling fear to shatter enemy armies’ morale, causing Republic troop formations to abandon their allies mid-battle, and sending entire battle fleets running blindly into hyperspace. Slowly, the Jedi pieced together the truth of these events. They joined forces with an elite Republic Special Forces unit, who stole the security codes for the Dread Masters’ heavily-guarded dreadnought. Hijacking an Imperial Moff’s personal yacht, a Republic strike team boarded the dreadnought and, aided by Jedi Master Jaric Kaedan, captured the Dread Masters. The dreadnought was rigged for self-destruct to cover the strike team’s escape. The Republic officially announced that the Dread Masters had been killed, even as the Jedi secretly arranged their imprisonment on Belsavis. However, the loss of the Dread Masters antagonized the Dark Council, and may have contributed to the Empire’s decision to attack Alderaan."
―Excerpt from Galactic History 89: Capturing the Dread Masters[src]

The Dread Masters traveled in a Harrower-class dreadnought during the Great Galactic War.


The dreadnought carried the Dread Masters between battles so the Sith could wield their power and battle meditation to induce crippling fear in enemy personel. In the year 3,668 BBY, Jedi Master Jaric Kaedan stole the security codes for the ship and using a stolen yacht, Jaric along with a Special Forces strike team, boarded the vessel and captured the Dread Masters. After securing the dreadnoughts databanks and setting the vessel to self-destruct, the team departed with their captives. When the ship blew up, the Sith Empire believed the Dread Masters had died in the explosion, the six Sith Lords were then secretly imprisoned on Belsavis. The Dark Council later retaliated by attacking Alderaan.

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