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Droid Datacore
Droid Datacore
Mission Item
This datacore was looted from the remains of a droid. Doctor Terrab will be looking for this.

Droid Datacore is a mission item obtained by Bounty Hunters on the planet Hutta. This core was retrieved from the remains of a destroyed Fa'athra Mining Droid.[1]


Dropped item[]

Droid Datacore is a predefined drop obtained from the remains of Fa'athra Mining Droids after they have been defeated.

Dropped item
  • Fa'athra Mining Droid


Nem'ro the Hutt is seeking to even the technological playing field with his rivals. The mining droids of Fa'athra boast enhanced datacores that the Hutt crime lord hopes can be reverse engineered to improve his own droid workforce.[1]

Mission objective
Icon class bountyhunter.png Icon class imperialagent.png [5] Tech Jealousy

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