"A vast ocean of sand stretching endlessly into the horizon, the Dune Sea is the image that springs to mind when most think of Tatooine–even those who’ve settled on the planet. Few dare to wander too far into the wasteland, fearful of Sand People, hideous monsters and worst of all: the utterly unknown. Particularly brave Jawas have retrieved salvage during journeys into the Dune Sea, returning with puzzling devices and broken gadgets. No one is entirely sure how these scraps ended up in the wastes, but the occasional piece bears the worn, faded emblem of Czerka Corporation."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Dune Sea or otherwise known as Eastern Dune Sea, was a large section of Tatooine's Dune Sea where deep-desert Sand People lived. The vast expanses ran nearly uninterrupted.

Near the entrance of the Eastern Dune Sea was a cave that at one point contained a massive krayt dragon, who was killed by Revan and another hunter.


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