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Early Lessons

Level 2 mission

Planet [[Tython]]
Area [[The Gnarls]]
Start [[Master Relnex]]
End [[Master Relnex]]

Early Lessons is a level 2 mission available to player characters belonging to the Galactic Republic faction. It can be obtained on the planet Tython, in the area known as the Gnarls. This mission is begun by speaking to Jedi Master Relnex.


When the Flesh Raiders attacked the Gnarls, padawans training in the valley were separated from their Masters. These padawans have not been cleared for combat, and Master Relnex fears they will be unable to overcome any of the hostile natives that may confront them.

When attacked by one of the flesh raiders three padawans, Avitla, Mennaus, and Jerridan, were able to successfully subdue their attacker. Though victorious, however, Jerridan suffered severe injuries. Now the three decide their best course of action; Avitla wishes to strike out against the flesh raiders in revenge, but Mennaus counsels the three find a way to return to their Masters and seek medical attention for their wounded friend.


Master Relnex has become concerned about a group of lost Padawans in the Gnarls. Flesh Raiders have been moving into the area, and the unprepared Padawans may have entered a fight they couldn't win."

"Master Relnex asked you to locate the lost Padawans and find out if they're injured... or worse. Locate the lost Padawans in the Gnarls and find out what happened to them.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Early Lessons mission description


  • Find the Missing Students
  • Choice: "If you want to help us--we could use you. Help make the Flesh Raiders pay."
Light Side Icon.png +50 "You're going home--now."
Dark Side Icon.png +50 "Let's get revenge."
  • Defeat Flesh Raiders 0/10
  • Destroy Flesh Raider Supplies 0/3
  • Return to Master Relnex


Important quotes[]

The Flesh Raiders moved into the training grounds organized and ready, attempting to isolate various groups of Padawans.
~ Master Relnex, Early Lessons mission introduction

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