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Echani are a race of humanoids native to the planet Eshan. The Echani has anatomy similar to humans, but a common feature is that they have light skin, white hair and silver eyes.

The Echani are known to be able to read feelings and emotion through combat. To an Echani, a combat between two people said more than hours of talking. They saw a certain purity in the way techniques are used in battle. Due to the all-encompassing use of combat in all levels of their culture, Echani Generals are seen by others as having a "special ability" to predict their opponent's next move. However, this, is simply a tactical skill arising from living in a culture where combat was seen as something akin to a form of communication.

The echani art is an unarmed combat discipline developed by the Echani and training in it was reserved for certain caste members of the Echani. Tradition dictated that combatants (usually) made no use of armor, weapons or Force techniques, as the art was focused on mastering the body itself as a weapon. Echani culture held the belief that combat was the only means to truly know someone, a pure form of expression where words were swept away, allowing for action to reveal the true nature of the people involved. Their duels were rituals, and it was important to follow etiquette, for that would allow them to read each others' stance and fight accordingly. In this manner, battle was seen as a form of communication similar to art. Exposing emotions in combat, however, made the duel a personal thing; engaging in repeated sessions was a courtship of sorts, in which one's favors were won through superior fighting prowess.

The Echani art had three tiers, each relying on foundations, and featuring higher forms than the previous one. Echani children began by learning the foundations, progressing over time from one tier to the next as the instructor saw fit.

The Echani were known to focus on unarmed combat and melee weapons, such as vibroswords and quarterstaffs. For defense, they relied on armor and personal shields.

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