Eckard Lokin
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Taris (level 33-35)
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Clever solutions, long-term thinking, technology, pragmatism
Ideology, honesty, selfish actions without clear long-term gain.
"Personal History: Age and surname suggest Lokin was born on Dromund Kaas during the pre-war years. Files acquired during Operation: Freefall reference a “Doctor E. Lokin” working as Science and Medical Advisor to Kaas City military police during this period, but no visual is provided. First confirmed sighting was during the boarding of Imperial dreadnought Warhammer–Lokin was one of the two individuals aboard who evaded capture. Interestingly, he was not listed in the crew roster. First identification as Fixer Fifteen came during Operation: Red Cell (see listening post transcripts). Additional sightings and references to the Fixer Fifteen designation uncovered intermittently since.

Analysis: Take a close look at the operations where we caught Lokin, and you’ll notice a pattern–every time he turns up, something big is happening and we can’t figure the role he’s playing. He’s professional, he knows his science and he’s sneaky. We know he rubs some of his colleagues the wrong way, but even his fellow agents haven’t given us anything useful under questioning.

Note by Harson Nild, Director of Core World Operations: Is Lokin still in active service? I remember hearing about a Fixer biologist back in the day, but thought he’d retired years ago.
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Doctor Eckard Lokin is a companion character of the Imperial Agent plot line. Lokin joins the agent after being rescued from a fallen Jedi terrorist who captured him and other scientists in an attempt to find a way to turn the Rakghouls on the empire.


A legend in the espionage trade, Doctor Lokin has been a faithful servant of the Empire for many decades. Believed to have been born on the Sith capital world of Dromund Kaas in the years leading up to the Galactic War, records noting Doctor Lokin's past are difficult to come by, and the details given in those reports are scarce at best.

Lokin's name has appeared several times in various military documents. But not even the files on him locked away within Imperial Intelligence can paint the full picture of Doctor Lokin is. Known as a brilliant doctor and geneticist, Lokin has been involved in a number of controversial experiments. It's believed that many of these experiments had to do with the Empire's early efforts at human augmentation, though it remains unknown what the extent of Lokin's involvement is.

It is also known that Doctor Lokin has ties to Imperial Intelligence, though the details of these missions are scarce. His current location is unknown, though it is believed that he has retired. Whether he is still working for the Empire remains to be determined.


Eckhard Lokin is a researcher for the Sith Empire who is officially retired but unofficially stationed on Taris performing research and experiments with regards to the Rakghoul virus. He is recruited after finishing class quests on Taris.

Knights of the Fallen Empire

"Doctor Eckard Lokin is a man of many secrets. While it's known he worked with Imperial Intelligence during Operation: Red Cell, there's very little concrete information on Lokin before the Great Galactic War. He found his true calling researching the rakghoul plague on Taris. In one of his experiments, Lokin used himself as a test subject and introduced a variant of the virus into his own DNA--giving him the ability to take rakghoul form.

Lokin left Taris with Imperial Agent Cipher Nine to become the Cipher's doctor and continue his research on the rakghoul virus in hopes to improve the stability of his rakghoul form. When Cipher Nine vanished at the start of the war against Zakuul, Lokin decided it was time to officially retire and has spent the last few years in the Alderaanian countryside.
―The Rakghoul Scientist[src]

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