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Eldon Ax, born Cinzia Xandret, was the Human female Sith apprentice of Darth Chratis during the Cold War.


Early history

Eldon Ax was taken from her mother, a droid maker named Lema Xandret, by Darth Chratis while she was still a child to be trained to become a Sith. Because Lema Xandret refused to willingly give up her child to the Sith, she was sentenced to death. Lema Xandret escaped the imposed death sentence by fleeing with some of her fellow droid makers. Darth Chratis imposed a Force powered mental block in Eldon Ax's mind to prevent her from recalling memories of her past.

Sith Apprentice

After losing a battle against a Mandalorian named Dao Stryver, Ax was interrogated by Stryver who was looking for information on Lema Xandret and a ship named Cinzia. It was later found that the remnants of the ship named Cinzia were found and were being auctioned off by a Hutt named Tassaa Bareesh. Prior to giving this information to the Sith Dark Council, Darth Chratis removed the memory block he imposed on Eldon Ax and told her the true story of her existence. Darth Chratis and Eldon Ax were dispatched by the Sith Dark Council to steal the remains of the Cinzia and execute Lema Xandret if she was found. During the attempt to steal the remnants of the Cinzia, mysterious and deadly Hex Droids appeared and thwarted the theft. Although the attempt to steal the artifacts was unsuccessful, Ax was able to use the remains of a Hex Droid to trace their origin back to a planet called Sebaddon. The Jedi were also able to do the same. Ax then traveled with her Master, Darth Chratis, to claim the planet for the Empire.

Independent Operation Sebaddon

Upon arriving at Sebaddon, the Hex Droids launched a deadly defense of the planet which severely damaged both the Republic and Imperial Fleets. The two fleets brokered a truce and a temporary alliance to defeat the Hex Droid threat. To seal the deal, Darth Chratis insisted that Ax Eldon accompany Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, while he himself would take Shan's Padawan Shigar Konshi. During the battle, Ax found a clone of herself that was being kept alive in a tank filled with amnioid fluid. Ax also found that her mother had been killed by her own Hex Droid creations, but continued to exist and speak to her clone through the amnioid fluid. Ax learned from her clone that the Hex Droids were created to protect her. Upon release from the Amnioid tank, the clone immediately died, but not before instructing Ax to feed her DNA into the Hex Droid computer. The Hexes recognized Ax as Cinzia and followed her commands. Eldon Ax eventually Killed her master Darth Chratis when she ordered hex droids to attack him during the battle on Sebaddon. The amnioid, containing the consciousness of her mother, then ordered the Hex Droids to destroy themselves. Later, she became the apprentice of Darth Howl, a member of the Sith Dark Council.


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