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Elite Commendation
Elite Commendation

These commendations can be used to purchase high-quality gear for group content at level 55. Speak to the Elite Gear Vendors on the Fleet to spend your commendations.

Elite Commendations can be acquired by defeating bosses in level 55 Flashpoints and Operations. They can also be acquired from many weekly missions at level 55.

Elite Commendations are an elder game commendation that can be earned from flashpoint and operation bosses and by completing level 55 weekly missions. They can be used to purchase specialty items from Elite commendation vendors. Elite Commendations have a max limit of 400 and a weekly earning limit of 200.


Elite Commendations are mission rewards that can be obtained from story mode operation bosses in Scum and Villainy and Terror from Beyond. They can also be obtained from weekly missions.

Mission reward
Galactic Republic [55W] Toborro's Courtyard
Sith Empire [55W] Toborro's Courtyard


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