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"Few on the Dark Council are even aware that there is another layer of power between themselves and the Emperor: a mysterious group called the Emperor’s Hand. These men and women work entirely behind the scenes to carry out the Emperor’s most secret orders. They alone are in constant contact with their master and know his true purpose. Through the power of the dark side, the Emperor’s thoughts are theirs, and their wills are his to command. The Hand does not involve itself with the Empire’s day to day workings. Its members are not pawns to be sacrificed or slaves to serve anything less than their master’s grandest design. The Emperor’s Hand only moves when it is time to strike a decisive blow."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Emperor's Hand was a group of twelve Sith Purebloods that had been bound by the Sith Emperor Vitiate to serve as his personal intelligence. The Emperor allowed the Dark Council to govern the portions of the Empire that he believed were the least important, and used the Hand as part of his secret network of forces along with the Wrath, Imperial Guard, Children and the Voice.

The Hand were telepaths, able to communicate with each other from across the galaxy due to their prolonged exposure to the Emperor's power. All twelve members had long outlived any potential family members, and were expected to live forever because of Sith Alchemy (much like the alchemy used to make Lord Scourge eternal). The Hand had no names other than their title, Servant, and numbers to categorize. They remembered nothing of their past lives, family, or anything that the Emperor did not want them to remember beyond their service to him. They served him faithfully and without question, and couldn't think of the possibility of disobeying him.

Though the Emperor directed them, they were lead by enigmatic Pureblood Servant One, who was the first to be bound to the Emperor's will. The experimentation with Sith alchemy created the perfect broken slave for the Emperor, but because he wanted something more, he broke another Pureblood who would become known as Servant Two. But because too much effort was put into the brainwashing of Two, his mind was irrevocably shattered and he lost most of his sanity. Because of this, the rest of the Hand were created with much the same mentality as Servant One.

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