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An enhancement is an item modification and can be applied to an enhancement slot. Enhancements can be crafted with the Artifice Crew Skill [OUDATED AS OF 4.0 CHANGES] purchased with commendations, or obtained as mission rewards.

Like all item modifications, enhancements are split into classes that focus on specific attributes. All enhancements have endurance, so the enhancements below are grouped by their other attributes.

Endurance Absorption Rating Critical Rating Defense Rating Power
Fortitude enhancements Absorb enhancements
Rigor enhancements
Critical enhancements
Fervor enhancements
Defense enhancements Power enhancements
Rage enhancements
Accuracy Rating Cognizant enhancements
Kinetic enhancements
Lucid enhancements
Finesse enhancements
Intensity enhancements
Astute enhancements
Intuition enhancements
Protection enhancements
Initiative enhancements
Proficient enhancements
Studious enhancements
Alacrity Rating Dexterous enhancements
Sagacity enhancements
Sentient enhancements
Acute enhancements
Insight enhancements
Volition enhancements
Warfare enhancements
Adroit enhancements
Counterstrike enhancements
Wisdom enhancements
Barrage enhancements
Quick Savant enhancements
Savant enhancements
Shield Rating Bulwark enhancements
Sturdiness enhancements
Vigilant enhancements
Erudition enhancements
Skirmish enhancements
Veracity enhancements
Bastion enhancements
Immunity enhancements
Steadfast enhancements
Foresight enhancements
Reflective enhancements
Verity enhancements
Surge Rating Inertial enhancements
Safeguard enhancements
Ward enhancements
Assault enhancements
Battle enhancements
Wily enhancements
Incisive enhancements
Resist enhancements
Severe enhancements
Adept enhancements
Discipline enhancements
Efficient enhancements

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