Equipment is a category of items that are used by players and NPCs that vary depending on the Classes and Advanced Classes that has been chosen by the player. Equipment items typically include a Durability level, suggesting that player items can be damaged and perhaps destroyed. Certain pieces of equipment may require a player to have various skills or proficiencies or ability levels.

Players have a certain amount of control over their appearance. This includes collecting and wearing the best gear collected. This approach sometimes results in characters that do not look like their character type, such as a jedi knight wearing trooper armor; however, this sort of personalization seems fairly important to players---a feature was included earlier that made all gear mesh with the character type, but the play-testers didn't like it. There will be a color-matching feature that will help coordinate the appearance of gear.[1]


Weapons can be equipped by players and companions. For players, equippable weapon types are limited by the player's class. Companions can only use one type of weapon, specified in their Codex entry. Many weapon types are available, with multiple versions reflecting a set of stats more useful for different classes or specific companion use.

Types of weapon include:


Armor can be divided into three categories: Heavy, Medium, and Light. Each class within SWTOR can wear one or more of these categories. If a class is assigned light armor, then light armor is all he can wear. If the class is assigned medium armor, then he can wear light and medium. Besides combat armor, there is also Social Armor.

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  • Smuggler Vest
  • Bantha-hide Leggings
  • Jedi Robe
  • Sith robe
  • Sith battle armor


  • Adrenals


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