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Equipment Requisitions

The Equipment Requisitions is an area located in the Senate Commercial District on the planet Coruscant. This area has a mailbox and cargo hold access. The Drunkard's Vote Cantina is located in this area.


Class trainers[]

  • Lieutenant Ballard <Trooper Trainer>
  • Major Zarkos <Trooper Advanced Trainer>

Crew Skill trainers[]

  • Elia Stassi <Investigation (Mission Trainer)>


  • Antonos <Social Items Vendor>
  • Badna <Light Armor Vendor>
  • Dommu <Mods Vendor>
  • Dya-Tamm <Security Key Vendor>
  • Idonia <Modification Commendations Vendor>
  • Lieutenant Kazo <Trooper PvP Vendor>
  • Lieutenant Pell <Specialty Goods>
  • Mad'Ahn <Specialty Goods>
  • Merkus <Equipment Commendations Vendor>
  • Rish <Medium Armor Vendor>
  • Saol-sar <Stims Vendor>
  • Sushna <Heavy Armor Vendor>
  • Vix <Weapons Vendor>