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Eryn Talosa is a kingpin contract for the Bounty Contract Week. She is an Exchange leader based on Voss, causing a lot of robberies and killings to the Voss people, always calling her reckless actions "art". Someone needs to put her in her place, either in prison or to death.


Like other kingpins, Eryn is recommended to do with a group, but with proper strategy and gear, it can be soloed.

Eryn is heavily armed with an assault cannon and advanced tech arsenal, despite her rather soft and light looking build. She has plenty of abilities at her disposal. The key to victory is to recognize her abilities and act according to them. Her abilities are:

  • Pulse Cannon: A conal attack that functions like Republic Trooper's  Pulse cannon, with 2 exceptions. It channels for 6 seconds and it doesn't follow her target.
  • High-powered Laser: Eryn's most dangerous attack. It's a conal attack that is channeled for 2 seconds, then launched. Causes easily over 10k damage and serious knockback. It doesn't follow her target.
  • Reflective Shield: Shield that deflects ranged attacks back to the attacker.
  • Shoulder Cannon: More powerful version from Vanguard's/Powertech's Shoulder Cannon. Eryn loads it 3 times and then launches it. Causes moderate damage and serious knockback.
  • Electro Net: Functions like Commando /Mercenary variant.

Eryn can also inflict a debuff, which slows you down and also prevents you from using speed boost- or leaping abilities.

Eryn is easiest to defeat from melee range, even if you are ranged character. Since her Pulse Cannon and High-Powered Laser doesn't follow her target, you can avoid them easily by staying right next to her and running behind her when she starts channeling them. High-Powered Laser has a conal marker to indicate, when it's coming, and it's affected area. Note that the laser's affected area is wider than the marker. Her Shoulder Cannon also leaves a red target marker on the floor, which should be easy to avoid. She tends to use her Electro Net and slow-debuff only from distance, so you can avoid those easily too. When she uses her Reflective Shield, stop attacking her if you are ranged character. Melee characters can still attack her, but don't apply DOT-abilities on her, since they are reflected back.

After losing half of her HP, she summons 3 droids to her aid at the entrance. This is the only time, when you need to take distance to Eryn. You should save your crowd control-breaking ability for this part. If possible, AOE-dps the droids down quickly and then get back to beating Eryn. Watch out for High-Powered Laser in this part, since it can be difficult to see it. When droids are dead finish her off, or capture her, after her health drops to 5%.

If you are soloing, you should choose your companion wisely, according to your own role. Here's the recommended companions for each role.

  • DPS: Healer companion. Since DPS have rather low defenses, some of Eryn's attacks can be quite damaging. Healer companion can keep you going pretty well. Just make sure your companion is out from her attacks.
  • Healer: DPS companion. As a Healer, you can keep your health up as well as your companion's. Your companion will keep damaging Eryn while you heal both him/her as well as yourself.
  • Tank: DPS or Healer companion. For a well-geared tank DPS companion is the best choice in order to do as much damage as possible. But if you are still somewhat low-geared as tank, a Healer companion is a wiser choice. With Healer companion the fight takes a while, but at least you can stay alive.

Battle Quotes

During the battle, Eryn will say these quotes randomly.

  • "Oh look - some form of awful fashion statement!"
  • "Fightning to the death is an art - and I am a visionary!"
  • "Don't worry - I might immortalize you in a poem someday!"
  • "Do try and keep up, would you?"
  • "And now I wade into the great unknown!" - When dying.

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