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Esseles (battle)
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The Esseles is a Wanderer-class transport in civilian use during the Cold War.


In year 3,643 BBY, the Esseles was on its way to Coruscant while secretly carrying the Republic Ambassador Vyn Asara. Imperial Agents aboard the cruiser learned of the Ambassador's identity, and sent word to Grand Moff Rycus Kilran. His warship, one of the largest vessels in the entire Imperial Navy, attacked the Esseles, claiming that the Ambassador was a terrorist, the Sith troops boarded the ship in an attempt to capture her. But when the Republic troops on board the ship fought back, the Imperials under the leadership of the ruthless Mandalorian mercenary Ironfist seized the bridge and put the ship under a security lockdown. After cancelling the lockdown, the Esseles military complement managed to retake the bridge.

Crew and passengers

The following characters are crew members and passengers of the Esseles circa 3,641 BBY



  • Vyn Asara - Republic Senator
  • Republic Soldiers - Military Complement
  • Undercover Imperial Agents - Onboard Spy's

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In game information

The Esseles is part of a flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are two possible ways to bypass the security lockdown. The Dark Side way, is to use the reactor reset which kills everyone on the engineering deck. The other, the Light Side way, is to shut down all the secondary power conduits which are scattered throughout the ship.


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