Eternal Fleet above Voss
Eternal Fleet Battlecruiser
Production information
Technical specifications
800 meters (approx)
435 meters (approx)
Max speed
Very fast
Turbolaser batteries
GEMINI captian
"The Eternal Fleet is an ancient and unstoppable armada operated by sentient droids and controlled by the Eternal Throne. Centuries ago, the fleet nearly wiped out all of Wild Space. It took a colossal alien warship, the Gravestone, to deactivate the Eternal Fleet, and even it was subsequently lost in the final battle. Valkorion had heard rumors of the fleet before his arrival on Zakuul; it was the main reason he chose the planet to house his new empire. Once he gained control over Zakuul, he began his search for the fleet in earnest, using the Scions' Force visions to eventually find the dormant ships. He built the Eternal Throne to reactivate and command the lost fleet. While primarily used in military operations, the fleet is also key in collecting tributes and resources from conquered planets and protecting trade routes in Wild Space."
―In-game Codex (Codex/Lore)[src]

Eternal Fleet Battlecruisers were a type of warship used by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul in its conquest of The Galaxy.


The battlecruisers had long verticle spires on the bow and possessed stealth technology. The vessels were powered by Sun Generators, they also had very powerful hyperdrives that allowed them to travel considerably faster than other starships. The strong armaments of these ships could quickly take down an opposing warships shields, allowing it to destroy it with ease.


The origins of these battlecruisers is unknown, sometime before Valkorion took command of these ships, these vessels roamed Wild Space eradicating all life in their path until they engaged in a battle with the Gravestone and many battlecruisers were destroyed and the rest deactivated as a result.

After Valkorian reactivated and took command of these battlecruisers he used them to expand his empire and protect trade routes. These warships were later used to invade the galaxy and destroy both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. After Valkorians death, his son Arcann used the cruisers to further his own ambitions. During the Outlander's quest to dismantle the Eternal Empire, the Alliance attempted to capture one of the vessels; however the mission got scrubbed because the ships captain sent out a distress message and the rebels were forced to flee when reinforcements arrived, soon after this incident Arcann attempted to wipe out the Alliance and a large majority of these ships were destroyed when the Gravestone fired its Omnicannon.



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